Monday, October 17, 2011

miscellany monday

i'm going to link up with carissa again today.  i feel like most of my blogs are random and miscellaneous, so it only seems fitting.


we went to a local bookstore on friday night for a family dinner date.  they had a high school glee club preforming and it was actually really fun!  mostly because C mimicked their moves and danced, but the atmosphere was great too.  it makes me sad to think that bookstores might not always be around.  seeing my little girl enjoying a book, a real book with pages, really is a treat!


speaking of a treat - i got my first random, totally un-prompted "i love you" this weekend.  it was right before i put her to bed.  she just looked right at me and told me.  sweetest moment ever.  i think i almost cried.  i don't want to forget moments like that. 

the next day, she told kona the same thing!  at least mine was first!  ;)


we took C to a wedding on saturday.  we usually get a babysitter for things like this, but the bride practically begged me to bring her!  have the please the bride, right?  C had so much fun.  she danced and ran around with other little kids and loved the bride's pretty white dress.

 she was a little confused by the electric slide!


after church yesterday morning, the hubs snapped this picture

and then i remembered this picture from last fall

look how my little girl has grown!!  but please don't look at how bad our front stoop is chipping...


while C and i had a lazy sunday afternoon sitting on the back porch with my step-mom, my dad and shaun did this

HELLO!?!?  i can't wait to do a whole post on this and brag about the hubs.  he has worked so hard this past weekend on this.  the brick patio was all his idea, and he has executed it beautifully!  it's going to be amazing. 

hope you had a great weekend too!

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