Monday, March 5, 2012

playing catch-up

i started my new job and am finally getting a new schedule figured out.  i knew i would love staying home more with C, i just didn't realize how busy i would be.  in a good way...

so, i'm playing a little bit of catch up.  not much.  the hubs birthday was less than a week ago, so i'm feeling ok about it.  don't worry, i didn't miss his birthday.  i just missed posting about it.

C worked on something special for daddyboy

and we surprised him with a banner the next morning

and of course, we made him a cake.  oreo cheesecake to be exact

i'll confess.  i temporarily broke my 'no sweets during lent' for a night.  i felt ok about it.  and it was oreo cheesecake made by me.  i had to have a small piece.....

we had a fun night celebrating.  pizza and friends.  it's what he wanted, so it's what we did.  =)

by friday, it was 70 degrees here and we were hunkered down, ready for a tornado.

no tornado.  barely even any rain here.  thankfully.  but we did have a pretty amazing sky after.

guess what came 2 days later?

like 4 inches of snow!!  

kentucky weather is crazy.  we say "if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes."  it's true.  kentucky gets confused...

so, today was a snow day!!  C has never played in snow, so she was in for a treat.  i told her this morning when she woke up that i had a surprise for her.  she loved it!  she couldn't wait to get out and walk in it.  =)

she loved making a snow man, running and falling.  it was good snow and really good day!

there you go, just a little bit of catch up.

oh, and these super cute pictures of C, that i just can't resist...

have a good week friends!

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