Friday, April 13, 2012

an instafriday UPDATE!!

it's been so long since i've blogged,  and i had so many pictures and weekends to look through, i had to just pick a starting place!  it's crazy.  i can't believe how long it's been.  it wasn't on purpose, i've just been so busy.  it's crazy how things have changed since i started working part-time.  it's amazing and i love it, but getting on the computer to's just not as easy.

but a couple of days ago, even the hubs asked when i was going to blog again.  so this morning, i'm buckling down and doing it.

and since it's friday and i've still kept up with intagraming pictures, i'm going to do a big instafriday update!


we are big UK fans in this house.  so celebrating the final games was a no-brainer.

we had a lot of fun, and partied like we were in college again!!

and even though she's little, and she definitely did not party with us, you know we had her decked out and ready to cheer!!


after a week of recovering from staying up way too late on a monday night, we headed to western kentucky to visit some of our best friends!

we made it to a beach.....;)

 it's always so easy staying at their house.  our kids love each other, and it's sad to have to separate them when we leave.

we love the warning's and can't wait to celebrate baby #3 with them very soon!  C loved talking about the baby in cami's belly.  she doesn't fully understand the concept, but she was very sweet to cam's belly. 


we got back saturday night, just in time for Easter sunday.  we missed all the egg hunts in lexington, so we obviously had one in our front yard.

she realized really quickly that most eggs were filled with either candy or coins.  it was pretty hilarious when she found empty ones....

we had a wonderful and relaxing day.  daddyboy made an awesome dinner and we were able to enjoy eating outside.

we spend a lot of time outside in the summer.  and now that we have our awesome new brick patio, and daddyboy is putting up a swing-set this weekend, i know that we will be out there even more!  can't wait to start planting flowers.  this early spring has got me chomping at the bit. 


also, another little update that is kind of out of order, but one that i can't let go by.

shaun had been training for a half marathon.  and a couple of weeks ago, he killed it!

we are super proud of our daddyboy and were very impressed that he ran 13.1 miles in under 2 hours!!  good job boy!


well, there's the update.  i'll try to stay more on top of things so that they don't all get jammed together in one picture overloaded post!

ok - here's one more picture. 

some "flowers" for you!

have a good weekend friends!!

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