Monday, May 14, 2012

right now i am....

i love the spring.  the desire to get out of the house and do something.  we have been working in our yard a lot and just playing outside.  unfortunately that means blogging has taken a back seat on my priorities.  even reading blogs....

but i always love blogging because it's recording our everyday lives.  pictures and events that can easily be forgotten.  but i don't want to forget.  blogging is an amazing family journal.

so, i'm going to do a little right now update.  meg and kimberlee have done these, and i completely stole this from them.  but it makes for such a good update, it thought, why not?

right now i am.....

watching:  prison break.  have you seen it?  we are watching it on hulu plus and are a little obsessed.  i go back and forth on whether i want to continue to watch it because it can be so violent.  but right when i say that, something happens to drag me back in.  plus, michael scofield is pretty fun to look at!  ;)

drinking:  water.  trying really hard to drink more water. 
wearing:  i got the new mason crew t-shirt from the gap and am totally obsessed with it.  i figure you can have a least 2 of the same shirts in different colors without going overboard, but i would get one in every color if i could.  

eatingkimberlee's corn salad/salsa.  the hubs made it last night for a family dinner (per my instructions) and it was so good.  i couldn't stop eating it.  i'll have some for lunch today too!

 listening:  to needtobreathe radio on pandora. 

avoiding:  getting up.  we had a busy fun weekend, and now i'm tired.  plus it's raining.  i'm very content sitting here being "lazy"...

wishing:  i could get really serious about eating good again.  last year this time i was doing so well.  but i had motivation (my brother's wedding).  i need some motivation...

feeling:  torn.  we made a decision this weekend that i feel good about, but today i'm a little back and forth.  i know the decision is ultimately the best and only temporary, but i still feel a little torn.

missing:  my best friend cam.  she had her 3rd baby a few weeks ago and i am ready to go see them.  we just need to find some time that works for all us.

thankful: for my amazing husband and daughter.  we had the perfect mother's day weekend.  i've even had a mother's day month with little gifts here and there.  i can't believe how blessed i am sometimes.  he is too good to me.

craving:  donuts.  i probably crave donuts all the time.  i just had some saturday, but donuts are good anytime, right?
wondering: what book i should read next.  i just finished a series and always love/hate when that happens.  the hubs just finished love does.  i want to read it too, but he only has it on his ipad.  i need something i can read outside.  any suggestions? 

praying:  for our little family.  we have so much on the horizon.  i'm praying that God leads us in his direction and that we are good listeners to what he is telling us.
needing:  some time away with the hubs.  we are getting away this coming weekend and i am so excited!

thinking:  i need to blog more.  i miss this...

dreaming:  about this weekend.  maple hill manor bed and breakfast here we come!  it's such a wonderful little place.  we went here last year and said we would try to come back every year.  we love the owners and the area.  i can't WAIT to go back!!
loving:  the little girl my baby is turning into.  she is so helpful and sweet and ornery.  she is becoming more outgoing and is a little sponge.  she surprises me everyday with how smart she is.  she loves to dance and swing.  she knows what she wants, but is learning to be patient.  she has a sweet love and is so caring.  she is the best of her daddyboy and me and i am loving her little personality more everyday.

 well, there you go!

i hope every mom out there was spoiled like i was!  =)

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  1. So many exciting cryptic things you wrote. I thiiiink we should talk.... :)

    I love when you blogggg!