Friday, May 25, 2012


let's instafriday!  even if i haven't been the best blogger lately, i have continued to instagram.  so, why not a little update.

last weekend we had some friends over for dessert.  i wanted to make something summery and fruity.  i found this recipe (on pinterest of course), and it was easy and yummy and only about 140 calories.  now, we did add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, but that didn't hurt.  much...


one of my best friend's baby turned 6 this past weekend.  no longer a baby, i guess.  but she was the first baby in our close group of friends.  i didn't get any pictures of the birthday girl (boo jade), but i did a couple at the party.

 C tried relay water games for the first time.  she did good.  only "helped" another team once...

 cupcakes and red faces.  summer has begun! 


after the party, the hubs and i dropped C off at my mom's and headed to maple hill manor!

i'm not kidding friends - you need to go to this place.  the owners are great, the property is quiet, and it's the perfect place to relax with the hubs.

it's a llama and alpaca farm, and we love it. =)

historic bardstown is only about 20 min. away, so we hung out there too.  looking at antiques, walking around and just hanging out.

the blue chest i WANTED.  why are some amazing antiques so much?  $450?  boo....  but the yellow pepsi tray did make home with me.  and i love it.  lots.


when we got home on saturday, C was still napping at my mom's.  so, we took the energy we regained at the B&B to do a little DIY.

on monday i instagrammed a tease of our brick patio, then i blogged about it here.


then we got really crazy!  we finally decided, when driving back from our little overnight, that we wanted to take a vacation this summer.  so when we got home we did some research.  we got super lucky because a place on the beach had a cancellation.  so... we booked it!


i am really trying hard to find healthy recipes to make for dinner.  i found a chicken and spinach lasagna recipe and it was good.  and, it was actually my first lasagna ever.  i was kind of proud...


yesterday was my 2nd day of Couch to 5k.

i don't know why i decided to start it, i just did.  maybe vacation.  maybe the fact that i've gained 10lbs since last time this year.  whatever the reason, i'm doing it.  alone.  i think that's been my favorite part so far.  don't get me wrong, i love pushing C in a stroller, but i don't get to use headphones.  yesterday i cranked up adele and felt great!

so, now we are ready to start another weekend.  there is so much going on and i am excited!  i get to see some family and friends and just be with my little family.  maybe even go to the pool for the first time this year.

have a safe memorial day weekend friends.  summer has begun!!

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