Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summer overload - part 1

nooooo!  what in the world?  why has it been so longed since i blogged??  well honestly, i know why.  i'm just a little disappointed in myself.  have your ever heard that your blog can be your families journal?  that's what i want.  i want to remember all the fun we have.  i take all kinds of pictures, but then what? (have you seen jim gaffigan's MR. UNIVERSE - hilarious part about taking pictures and doing nothing with them!)

so, i'm going to do some catch-up.  i was going to make one giant post on the highlights of our summer so far, but then when i started choosing pictures, i had almost 40!  i think that's just too many for one post....  so, i'm going to start with a part 1.  sound good? 

remember is my last post when i said we were booking a vacation?  well, it was awesome!  i'm the kind of person that needs a beach at least once year.  sand, palm trees, fun dinners.  i could move to florida or california in a second (as longs as family and friends moved too...).  this year we went to south carolina.  never been to surfside beach before, but it was pretty cute.  maybe a little too close to myrtle beach, but still a great place to getaway.

probably my favorite picture from the whole week.  man i love these two!

we don't do much on vacation.  everyday pretty much looks the same.  wake up, go to the beach, C takes a nap and i go to the pool, C wakes up, we go to pool or beach, take baths, dinner, bed.  it's perfect.  it's our kind of vacation.  lazy and predictable.  =)

father's day and my little brother's birthday was the sunday after we got home from vacation.  it was a great family day.  celebrating our daddyboy first, then time to celebrate my daddy-o and bro.

helping ice uncle johnny's cake

my brother is not so little (25 y/o & about 6'3), but will always be my little bro

kind of blurry, but i don't have many pictures with my bro and SIL.  love this!

ok.... what next?  should i keep going or stop there?

how about one more fun weekend?!?!

remember in this post when i said i couldn't wait to squeeze my best friends newest little baby??  well, the warnings invaded our house and it was perfect.  i can't tell you how happy it made me to have not just them in our home, but my lexington best friends and their kids too.  it was a weekend of family.  the other kind of family.  the kind where the kids call you aunt, only because you're like a sister to their parents.  i loved so many pictures from that weekend, it was hard to narrow it down.  i wanted to capture all the laughs and giggles and dancing and love. 

tickle attack!

ok - i think i'll stop there.  i still have so many pictures to share, but i think 25 pictures in one post is enough.

i promise (if only for myself), part 2 will be soon!

hope you're having a fun summer too!!

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