Friday, August 28, 2009

does he know something i don't?

kona. he's our pre-kid. he's the one that we show pictures of and talk about when others talk about how funny or cute or bad their kids are. we share stories about kony.

but lately kona has been acting a little different. not necessarily bad, just different. basically, this is what he does when just he and i are together.

he just lays there. and stares at me. and whines at me. and it's not the "i need to go out" whine or the "pay attention to me" whine. it's kind of like an "are you OK?" whine. does my hairy four-legged pre-kid know something i don't?

since i've been pregnant, kona and i have formed a bit of a routine. he's been closer to me when he's not distracted by a walk or going to the park. but it's been more intense lately. every morning he sits right under my feet while i eat breakfast. and most mornings he lays right outside the bathroom door while i shower. and then moves to outside the other bathroom door while i put on make-up. always near by and always just staring at me. i've recently nicknamed him the "corner creeper" because he just pokes his head around corners and stares at me. as if to make sure i'm OK. is this weird? am i imagining this? maybe. but maybe my aussie is smarter than i think. i'm interested to see how he reacts when labor comes. maybe he'll be the calmest one there, because he already knew....

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