Friday, July 15, 2011

it's friday?

i thought i was on a roll.  i was doing such a great job at blogging and taking pictures.  and at one point, i almost considered calling myself a "blogger".  then 10 days went by and i didn't blog once.  i've been taking pictures (because we have been busy!), but no time or energy to sit down and blog.

and honestly today, i'm tired.  like tired voice and tired eyes tired.  we have been on-the-go non-stop for over a week now.  all fun and wonderful things, but going to bed around midnight (or later) and then waking up around 6:30 for about 7 days straight starts to catch up with you.

so - i'm going to update with a lot of pictures.  i hope that's ok...

we had a great weekend visiting friends in western kentucky.  i didn't do a great job of taking pictures, but mostly because we were having so much fun.  8 adults and 6 kids packed into one house for the weekend!  it was awesome, because these are the kind of friends that you want to be packed in a house with.  the kind of people that even though you've have a long day at work and then 4 hours in a car, making your kids cranky or stir crazy, you look forward to sitting wherever there is room and laughing until the early hours of the morning talking about nothing.  you wake up the next morning, help feed someone else's kids, and then make plans to make plans whenever you get around to it.  it was a good weekend.  one where you realize you're not exactly sure where your daughter is in the house but then find her sitting on your best friends lap talking.  perfect.

C loved being with all the bestikids.  it's so nice to not have to take toys when you travel.  you just know that everything will be new to her and there will always be someone to play with.

pretty much the minute we rolled back into town on sunday, shaun's dad pulled up.  C calls him "Pop" and pop has a bike.

we were pretty low key with pop.  he and and the hubs did some manly stuff around the house, and one night we ventured out to feed the ducks.

these ducks love us.  they know exactly why we are there and get really excited and quacky when they see us coming.  

and C is fearless.  the big whites are up to her waist.  can you imagine a giant bird approaching you that was up to your waist?  she loves it.  she walks around feeding them saying "come on ducks" and "ducks hungy". 

pop rolled out tuesday morning, and aunt jorhdan arrived that night.  C hasn't seen aunt J since she was about 4 months old.  too long...  but she warmed up quickly.

i took 1/2 days at work on wed and thurs in order to visit with aunt J.  wed we introduced her to our FAVORITE new obsession,orange leaf, and then headed to the pool.

yesterday was a little more exciting though.  shaun and i made a summer fun list (got the idea from a favorite blog here), and taking C to the zoo was at the top of the list.  she is at such a fun age right now where animals and seeing new things is so much fun.

so, we packed up yesterday and headed to the closest zoo

she loved it!  she really did.  the fish and snakes and zebra's and elephants and monkeys.  everything was new and fun to see.  and watching her was the pretty fun too. 

i think we all loved the elephants the most.  

well, i don't know.  shaun seemed to have had a moment with this lady

we had such a great time.  i'm so glad we got to go and introduce C to all these cool animals.

then she zonked out on the way home, and i was jealous

so, now it's somehow friday and i can't believe how fast the week has gone.  it's been a great one.

plans for the weekend?  no.  we are resting and relaxing and that is about it. 

maybe i'll even get to sleep in tomorrow???  my fingers are definitely crossed.  =)

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