Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the cooks are cooking - FINAL KITCHEN REVEAL

i know, i know.  you were beginning to think i had forgotten about you, right?  i'm pretty sure shaun did too.

technically, we've been cooking for about a week now.  and everyday, the hubs asks when i'm going to blog and reveal the kitchen.  let's be honest - he's got a lot of hard work to show off.

but there were details.  so many little details that i wanted to have finished and finalized before i showed the world our newest pride and joy.

so, i haven't forgotten you blog stalkers.  i've just been "primping."

are you ready?  ok...

25 days ago, when i walked into the kitchen, this is what i saw...

and today - FINALLY - i walk in and see THIS

did you hear that?

oh yeah - it was the "aaahhhaahahaaahaahhhaaahhh" sound from the angels.  

this is my new kitchen.  heavenly, i know!  =)

here are a few before and after shots:





totally crazy huh?  i mean, is this really the same space?  we have asked ourselves that same question so many times over the last week.  it's a pretty amazing transformation!

remember that 1 drawer i had before?

check out my drawers now!!!

pots and pans drawer

even enough drawer space for C to have her own and at just the right height so she can access it herself.

and check out that cabinet space!  now that the unnecessary soffit is gone, we have 42 inch upper cabinets!!  HELLO!?!?!

remember those beautiful floors we had before?  no?  let me refresh your memory...

ah yes - the gorgeous faux brick.  a popular choice in the...60's?

well, check it out now! 

yep!  amazing.  the hubs did such a great job.  this tile looks awesome!  

and, it was on clearance!  makes us love it even more.

and i can't forget - since we knocked down the wall separating the kitchen and the dining room, the dining room got an upgrade by default.

before, when i stood in the kitchen, i saw this...

and now we see THIS

i can't tell you how much bigger everything seems now that the wall is gone.  even though we didn't add any square footage to our house, this open concept for the kitchen and dining room is AMAZING!

so, there you have it!  the cook's are back in the kitchen!  

and now my view from the kitchen sink is a whole lot sweeter than before...

details to come soon.  i thought 19 pictures were enough for tonight....

thanks for hanging in there with us!  wanna come over for dinner?


  1. Gorgeous!!!
    I do!
    -Jen Richardson

  2. Jade it's amazing! You made some great choices! Shaun - you can come work on my kitchen any day!! Congrats on your new space!

  3. This looks awesome! Derek and I will come over for dinner :)

  4. Wow, it is beautiful!!! I am so impressed:) Enjoy!

  5. Jade...great job!!! What a transformation! I am really impressed and it looks great!