Thursday, June 30, 2011

this just in!


this just in!

we have a DISHWASHER!!!!

oh yes!  isn't she lovely?!?

thanks to the hard work and dedication of my amazing husband, i can now move back into my kitchen!  i can actually make a meal and not have to wash the dishes by hand.


thank you shauny!  you. are. the. best.

in other less exciting news...

~ actually, none of this may be exciting to you...sorry...~

C's cala lily has bloomed!

when C was born, my aunt and uncle sent this lily to the hospital.  i loved the idea of getting a flower that you could replant, so, i did.  then, last may we sold our house and moved into this one.  the lily was starting to grow at our old house, (from where we had planted it the fall before), and i couldn't bear to leave it.  so the hubs dug it up for me and we planted at the new house.  it didn't really do much last year.  it was just green.

then yesterday, i saw a flower!  C's lily is alive and blooming this year!

eventually i'm going to have to find a better spot for her.  we just randomly stuck her somewhere because by the time we got everything loaded into the new house and were trying to get settled in, i kind of forgot about her.  when i remembered, i was afraid she had been out of the ground for too long, so we just stuck her in a random spot.

now that she is doing so well, she will get a proper planting this fall!

well, that's if for the exciting news today. 

i'm off for the next 4 days, but again, that's probably only exciting for me!

have a good thursday friends!

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