Wednesday, June 8, 2011

popsicles and pools

we had a great weekend! it was the perfect mix of enjoying friends and being lazy.

on saturday we were on the go all day. we started with breakfast together and then after all the afternoon naps were over, everyone came to our house for baby pool and sprinkler fun!

i love this picture. there seems to be a very serious conversation going on between these 3.

i can't even tell you how fun and crazy it was! it seemed like there were kids everywhere. our sweet neighbors asked if it was C's 2nd birthday. nope, just my bestikids.

we realized in the midst of everything that we had a kid for every age from 1-5. miller man is 1, C and elliott are almost 2 (they are only 3 weeks apart and will be 2 in aug & sept so we counted them as our 2 year olds), maddie girl is 3, owie just turned 4 and jos is 5. wow!

this is the only picture i got of all of them. i just love the pure joy on maddie's face and the apprehension in C and elliott's posture. i'm so thankful they have the older girls to look up to and see that things are safe and fun!

click on any picture to make it bigger. especially this one so you can see maddie's face!

owen isn't the only boy, but his closest male companion is only 1. he did pretty good hangin' with the girls. but when he could get away, he enjoyed throwing the ball with kona.

i still can't believe that he is 4. cami and brad left lexington and moved to w. ky when he was still in her belly. i can't believe they have been gone for 4 years. i'm so thankful we have stayed close and that every time we get together, it's like no time has passed at all.

i think the kids had fun. i just loved watching them and seeing the excitement and innocence on their little faces. i loved that they all just went for it. even the littler ones who had never experieced anything like this before.

after pool fun, the hubs made some amazing burgers and steaks. we all dried off, chowed down and had popsicles. it was the first time these little ladies had ever had a popsicle and i think it's pretty easy to see that they loved them!

on sunday the hubs played golf and C and i hang out at home. a little more pool time and another popsicle was just what we needed.

she slept good this weekend.

i'm in love with these summer days. bare feet and shirtless treats outside.

this weekend was the perfect start!

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