Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy daddy's day!

you're spending father's day the same way you have spent everyday this past week.  working hard on our new kitchen.

you're a hard worker, and we are so blessed to be your family.

from the moment you became a daddy, i had no worries you would be amazing.

C is your little princess, and when she calls you "Daddyboi", i know you melt.

you are her hero and she is crazy about you.  she has been from the very beginning.

thank you for leading our family.  for protecting and providing for us.  thank you for being an amazing example to our daughter and for always being there for us both.  she doesn't realize this yet, but i know she will look for the same traits in a husband that she sees in you, her daddy.

you are amazing daddyboi.  WE LOVE YOU very much!!!

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