Saturday, June 18, 2011

kitchen update and wedding pictures

1 week down!  and honestly, i can hardly believe how far we have come.

we headed up to IKEA yesterday and came home to finished walls.  you can't believe what a difference it has made.  we cleaned up all the dust tonight and took down the tarp!

and i came home with a little inspiration from the mother land

our plan is to start painting tomorrow.

i have to be honest - i'm a little stressed about the paint color.  i like what we have picked out, but i'm afraid its too close to what is already on the walls.  shaun keeps telling me it's different.  i guess we'll find out tomorrow. 

yep - he wants to paint on father's day....=(

now, some pictures from my brother's wedding.

so many amazing shots.  seriously - it was hard to pick just these.

this is my favorite shot of the two of them.  amazing and so sweet.

aren't the different colored dresses together amazing?!?

my baby's blues

sweet little princess
sorry not much of an update, but i'm tired.

i'll let you know about the paint color soon...=)

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