Friday, June 3, 2011


another weekend is here and i welcome it with open arms! i feel like i've recovered from the busyness of last weekend and am ready for fun with friends!!

one of my favorite families is coming to town! i haven't seen them since new years and i can't believe that little man turned 4 on me!

we have plans to hang out, eat, watch our kids splash in the kiddie pool, laugh and just relax.

my kind of weekend.


the hubs has one more week of work and then...


i'm just a little bit excited. i know he is too.

remember when i showed the entire old kitchen here. and remember when i showed you the new one here. understand why i'm so ready?!?!

i'm thinking about getting the hubs an early father's day present of a sledge hammer with a big red bow on it!


and just because she's so darn cute - here's some more pictures of my baby girl

i call these her "Elton John" pictures.

she loves singing and playing that little "peano"

have a good weekend friends!

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