Friday, May 20, 2011

the kitchen - now

OK - a post ALL about our lovely kitchen.

beware friends - it's scary. bad, nasty, small, old scary...

i'm starting as you walk in from our dining room.

this wall is coming down. we are making the kitchen and dining room one big room and putting a breakfast bar where the left wall is now.

here i'm standing in the doorway above looking straight into the kitchen

the left side

the right side

what's that you ask? two ovens? kind of...

see that little white panel there?

that's where the original cook top used to be. the wall oven broke a couple of months ago and since we knew we were getting new appliances with the new kitchen, we went ahead and bought the new stuff. shaun hooked the new oven up on the other side of the room. (where it will live in the new kitchen) then, the hubs got handy and popped out the old cook top and put in this temporary board. much needed b/c around the sink was the only counter top space i had!

and yes - that is my ONLY drawer there under the mixer. there is a tiny one on the other side of the sink, but it doesn't really count. it's super small.

and nope - no dishwasher.

this is the view while standing at the kitchen sink. that's the wall that's coming down! i can't wait to stand at the sink and see C sitting at the breakfast bar.

and the best part for last...

yes friends - that is our faux brick linoleum floor. don't be jealous...

so there you have it. the before shots of what we have been dealing with for the past year. but demo day is coming! and a year of no dishwasher is soon coming to an end!

i'll document progress a long the way. i'm excited for a new kitchen, but i am not excited about doing dishes in my bathroom sink. it will be worth it though!!

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  1. WooHOO!!! I'm so excited to see the outcome! A new kitchen is a BIG deal!!!