Thursday, May 26, 2011


let the weekend begin! i'm READY!!!

i'm not working tomorrow, so i have a extra long weekend in front of me and i can't wait.

and...i've got everything finished for the wedding.

i finished C's tu-tu last night.

yeah - how about the fact that she HATES it. like, she didn't even want to put it on. when she saw it she started fighting. once it was on she just pulled at it. uh-oh. my girl might be that flower girl that causes a scene. oh i hope not. hopefully she will look so cute, no one will care....


the picture frame chalkboards are finished and turned out great!

i think they are such a great idea and i'm really pleased with how easy they were and how great they turned out.

i love the colors. (i guess i would since i just used paint i already had from rooms around the house).

and i hope darcy has another bridemaid that has fun artistic hand writing. my chicken-strach-boy-handwriting will not do these little gems justice!


i've got the hair clips finished too. i'm a little worried they might be too heavy for our little girls fine hair, but i've got another idea for them.

i think she would look super cute with her hair back in a low bun and the clip stuck in the side. we'll see.


so - now i've got to figure out what to do with my hair. i've got a friend coming over to do it for me and i think i want this.

what do you think? it's fun, will stay out of my face, and looks so cool.

again - we'll see.


are you guys tired of hearing about wedding stuff? this week my posts have been full of it!

well, the next post i will be will probably be it. and hopefully it will be full of pictures of my little C dancing in her tu-tu. and full of pictures of my new sister and little bro.

maybe i'll throw a picture of me and hubs in there too.

have a good weekend friends! summer is almost here and so far the weekend is looking sunny and rain free!

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