Monday, May 30, 2011

a wonderful wedding

the wedding festivities are complete!

and she did it! she did great and did what any 20 month old would do. she looked cute, had no idea what was going on and wanted to be picked up during the ceremony. =)

the whole day went perfect. my little brother got married and everyone looked amazing. it was a perfect (hot) sunny day and the house was decorated beautifully.

i didn't carry a camera around, but snapped a few iphone pictures here and there.

i look forward to seeing what the professionals captured. i noticed one snapping quite a few of my little lady.

i'm tired so i'll leave you with a few pictures.

the little ballerina

a family pic

she was hot a pretty much done with pictures

a picture to show off my hot momma and ma-maw. (i convinced mom that she HAD to buy that dress. not bad, huh?)

and of course, the most important people of the day!

i caught someone else's flash, but it's still a pretty fun picture.

it was great weekend and i can't believe it's over.

but seriously, why don't they invent some kind of trip for the family after weddings? i would LOVE to be in jamaica right now.

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