Tuesday, May 24, 2011

busy - but good!

i'm in a season of business. and i kind of stress and make lists and constantly think about the lists and feel rushed. but i'm not complaining. really - i promise. i like being busy sometimes. i like the feeling of being needed and having things to do. not all the time - but when fun things lay on the horizon and the business is all for good things, i like it.


my best friends little man turned one last week. seems crazy to me that she is on kid #2 and her oldest is almost 4.

i wanted to make him a little birthday shirt. it's the first time i've done applique on a t-shirt. kind of tricky, but it turned out pretty cute. definitely on the homemade side, but i guess that's to be expected. =)


the wedding is almost here and i am in full mother-of-the-flower girl mode!

the tu-tu is almost finished. it could be the death of me (might have thrown a small tantrum last night), but i know C is going to look sweet as sugar in it.

once it's finished i'll post some pictures. but today i'm headed back to the fabric store for more tulle. 5 yards wasn't enough...

and the hair pieces for the flower girls are almost finished.

i made some fabric flowers. but i haven't decided if i'm going to put it on a stretchy headband like this sweet one

or if i'll just put a clip on it and she can wear it like this

i'm not sure if she'll keep the headband on. she's not the best with hair accessories...


i'm really excited for this next project to be finished. not because it's hard, but because i know they will look awesome.

darcy (soon to be sis-in-law) brought by some crazy gold ornate frames last week

she wants them turned in to chalkboards!

they are a work in progress, but i think they are going to turn out SO COOL!!

in the end, i envision this

neat right? i've got 4 that i'm working on. one to welcome guests, one for bourbon chocolate favors, one for drinks and one that we can't remember what it's for. =) i think they should write on it like above and hold it in some pictures. too cute!


but, in the midst of all the busyness, we are still finding time to enjoy the beginning of summer.

C is obsessed with being outside and running around like a crazy women.

but every once in awhile i can get her to slow down and enjoy the flowers.

especially when there is a watering can involved!


pray for no rain this weekend. lexington is green enough and we want an outdoor wedding!

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