Monday, May 2, 2011

a bridal shower and ready for May

man! april was one busy month. and may is going to be just as crazy! all good stuff, it's just kept me away from things like blogging.

to end the busy and fun month, i co-hosted a bridal shower for my VERY soon to be sister-in-law.

her sister was in charge of the food and venue. i was in charge of the decorations and desserts. PERFECT!

i was turned on to pinterest at just the right time, b/c that site gave me so many great ideas for the shower.

for the table centerpieces, i decided to use a bunch of little vases clustered together with just a few flowers in each vase. i only had 3 little vases when i got this idea, so i shopped around at goodwills to boost my collection. i found some great little pieces, and never spent more than $1.

i also leaned pictures of my brother and darcy when they were little on the vases. i loved these two. such a sweet little couple!

i also found this idea on pinterest. i thought it was perfect for a bridal shower. i found the letters on sale at hobby lobby for under $2 a piece and just randomly wrapped them in yarn. easy, cheap and so cute!

i made some bunting for the first time. i love how it turned out and really want to make some for C's room soon.

everything looked and tasted so yummy. and those desserts look pretty good too! ;)

i made a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, a chocolate and fruit trifle and PW's creamy lemon crumb squares.

it was a fun shower for a great bride. i'm super excited for darcy to be a part of our family.

so - now on to may!

mother's day is next weekend. i'm getting excited b/c the hubs keeps talking it up!!

and the wedding is this month. that means i am a bridesmaid, shaun is a groomsman, and C is a flower girl! i have a tu-tu to make, chalkboards to paint and weight to loose!

next comes the kitchen. oh yes my friends, we are finally starting on the kitchen. shaun's last day of school is june 10th. he plans on having the kitchen gutted on june 11th. (umm....C and i will be gone that day. we'll see what we come home to.)

we are knee deep in kitchen layouts, cabinet colors, sinks, faucets, hardware, paint colors. it's actually happening and i. can't. wait.

plus, this mean a trip to IKEA in a few weeks!! we'll need lots of fun accessories for this new room and IKEA seems like the only natural place to start.

would you like a sneak peak?!?!?

this is the design we are 95% sure we are going to go with. we've done a lot of "what about this?" and "i don't like that". it's been pretty fun figuring all this stuff out. we can do whatever we want! kind of... we ain't millionaires. =)

wait - i've never shown you what our kitchen looks like now....

OK - so i just went to go take some pictures of our kitchen now, but i have a ton of dishes to do (currently no dishwasher) and i don't feel like doing them right now. so, once the dishes are done and our old kitchen looks clean, i'll put up some pics. that will be the next post, how does that sound?

hope you all have a good monday! i'm down on my back with my sciatic nerve giving me problems. not fun, when you stay home with your 27 lbs baby, but at least i can blog.

be back soon with kitchen pics!

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