Wednesday, June 22, 2011

day 11 - kitchen reno

not a big update, but i feel like i should check in and let you know things are still running smoothly in the cook household.

only one small incident involving my head and a cedar plank chair rail...  but we're moving on.

let's check some things off the list:

- rip out old nasty cabinets:  CHECK
- knock down wall dividing kitchen & dining room:  CHECK
- tear down soffit:  CHECK
- add new electrical outlets: CHECK
- new recessed lighting & pendants: CHECK
- hook up all new electrical for power: CHECK
- drywall:  CHECK
- paint:  1/2 CHECKED
- board and batten in dining room: 1/2 CHECKED
- new tile on kitchen floor
- new cabinets and countertops
- install new appliances
- install pendant lighting
- run plumbing for the DISHWASHER!!!

so, as you can see we are moving right along.  when is comes to the big things, i think we are making great progress.  i feel great about where we are.  i know shaun wishes the cabinets could have gone in tomorrow, but we would have been killing ourselves for no real reason.  now we have them scheduled to go in next tuesday.  plenty of time to get the tile laid and another coat of paint on the walls.

and, the new tuesday cabinet time-line has made it possible for me to lend a hand as well.  for the most part, i've been on baby duty.  don't get me wrong, hangin' with C is always fun, but i really wanted to contribute something to this renovation as well.  so last night i finally swung a hammer.  that board and batten is mine!

i've been busy with other details though:

- finding a traditional but modern faucet that isn't too overpriced: CHECK
- finding just the right shape of white sink: CHECK
- picking out light fixtures that don't cost a million dollars: CHECK
- finding comfy affordable bar stools with backs: CHECK
- finally deciding on a paint color: CHECK
- convincing shaun that board and batten with work in the dining room: CHECK
- constantly thinking about ways to decorate: DOUBLE CHECK
- painting hutch
- finding curtains/fabric for back door window, window above the sink & dining room window

yesterday i headed to my favorite lunch break spot (TJ Maxx aka TJ's) and walked out with some cute little bowls that are just the right colors and will look so cute on my little bit of open shelving.  i so wish i had more open shelving, but i'm making the best of what i'll get.

so, that's it.  i'll probably take a few more pictures once the tile goes in, but then that might be the end of the reveals.  i want to leave a few surprises for you!  =)

 pretty soon, our little living room picnics will come to an end...


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  2. i want to see new pics!!! you are killing me. can't wait for the are really good at this...the bowls are perfect.