Monday, June 13, 2011

let the craziness begin!

have you been wondering if it started? did we knock down the wall? did we get stuff cleared out? does shaun still have all his toes?


it's gone.

all gone.

except the toes - shaun still has all 10 =)

no more wall, no more cabinets, no more old appliances that don't work, no more soffit (what is that for anyway?).

it's all gone.

saturday morning:

we packed up everything on friday night and set up what we could for a temporary kitchen in the office down the hall.

and saturday by lunch:

saturday morning:

saturday by lunch:

pretty crazy huh?

saturday started early and C and i had no plans to stick around. we headed out, had a starbucks breakfast date and steered clear.

we didn't want to get in anybody's way. and we wanted the boys to go as crazy as they wanted.

i ended up giving the hubs an early father's day present.

he was pretty psyched about it. and as you can tell from the pictures, he put it to good use!

so - we are off to a GREAT start! pretty amazing how much work has gotten finished so far.

this was about 8:30 last night

we still have a long way to go.

but we will keep you updated.

and once i get to come home (hopefully tonight - been staying at my mom's to keep the baby and dog away from demo), i'll be able to upload the real pictures, not just the camera phone ones.

bye bye old kitchen!!

more soon!!

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