Friday, June 24, 2011

last post before the reveal!

yep - this is it.

we are going out of town today and on monday our cabinets and coutertops are being installed!!

AHHHH!!  i'm kind of freaking out - in a good way of course.

the past two nights, shaun has been working hard on the floor.

sometimes, i don't know how he does it.  he kind of turns into a super husband at times like this.  stays up until 2:30 laying tile, wakes up at 7, does more work around the house like mowing the grass, takes the dog on walks and is still able to smile.

i'm proud of you babe. and really impressed.

so, here are the last few pictures before the big reveal.

tile has been laid and grouted!

we still have to wait about 12 hours before we can completely clean it off and seal it, but you get the general idea.  and the picture below gives you an up close of what it will look like cleaned.

cool, huh?  it's porcelain, but has the look of hardwood with a little bit of texture.  looks great with the hardwood floor that runs throughout the rest of our house, but not like we were trying to match. does that make sense?  sorry...

pendant lights will be here today and installed on monday (probably sunday night - he won't be able to wait)

the remaining board and batten will be installed on monday and then painted

we will bring the appliances back in (fridge, range and microwave)

plumbing for the dishwasher

and then....I THINK THAT'S IT!!

no more of this...

and a little correction on the paint color.  it's actually grassland from sherwin williams.  not garden sage.  sorry.

so - there you go.  we are headed to the farm this weekend for a little r & r.  the hubs needs a break and going somewhere with no internet and little cell phone service is just the ticket.

have a good weekend!

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