Monday, July 25, 2011

miscellany monday

i don't usually blog on mondays, so i miss out on this.  but today i'm linking up with carissa at lowercase letters and doing a miscellany monday blog.


last week we celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  shaun surprised me by going through his old journal entries from when we first started dating and pulling out significant entries.  once i realized he had done this, i went and found an old journal too.  i can't tell you how fun it was to remember what we were thinking our first few months of dating.  it was crazy to remember how nervous we both were and how quickly we fell in love.  god did some amazing things fall 2005 and spring 2006.  i am so thankful and feel so blessed to have shaun by my side.  and i'm so thankful that awkwardness has passed and we don't have to make calculated moves for holding hands and kissing...;)


saturday morning we discovered and new local place that we loved and will definitely visit again soon.  it was so nice to have a little family breakfast and enjoy a low key morning.  we slept in, we had breakfast, we said hello to some horsey's and a donkey across the street from the restaurant and we just relaxed.  it was good for us.  we have had a wonderful summer of business.  and although summer isn't technically over yet (hello?  it's like 100 degrees here!), the hubs had to go back to school and soon students will be arriving.  in a way, our summer is coming to an end.  so a low-key weekend was needed.


speaking of summer - i love this picture.  i love it when you get to leave your shoes on the back porch and run around barefoot.  and i love those little polka dot sandals.  seems crazy to think that next summer they will be replaced with something bigger.  wait forget next summer - try now.  her little toes already hang off the front...


remember the post here about hanging with my besties?  all 14 of us packed into one house for the weekend.  well, how's this for a good looking bunch?

and would you believe that this was the first and only attempt at this picture.  ALL THE KIDS ARE LOOKING!!  and so are the parents - good job adults ;).  there is not another picture like this in existence and i really cherish it.  i've even showed my co-workers this picture.  this is my 2nd family.  my family that knows me better than my biological family.  these are the people that i have gone through peaks and valleys with and i love every. single. one.  and special thanks for mandy.  the one that always has a camera and makes us capture these picture perfect moments.

well, that's it.  have a great monday!

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  1. I love the ice cream on the little ones nice in front...vanilla ice cream! he looks so cute!