Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a weekend in the country

we got away for a bit this past weekend.  i've blogged about our family farm before.  small, like super small, town in southern indiana where we have about 500 acres.  a place that i have been more times than i can come close to counting.  a place that i went through a phase of dreading to visit, but now, i cherish it.  i know it won't be in the family much longer and i am so thankful that C will have memories here too.

the cows and C are both very interested in each other.  they're so big and she's so loud...

on sunday, my little bro and his wife came up as well.  and they brought their newest addition...

sweet little hadley.  she's a precious little 8 week old puggle.  and you  just want to squeeze and snuggle and play with her non-stop.  C didn't know what to think of her at first.  she's a little crazier than our k-dog.  but, she warmed up to her pretty quick.

so did auntie jade...

we took a hay ride back to the woods too.  daddyboy helped uncle tom get everything ready.

aunt darcy and C got brave and decided to feed and pet a soon-to-be mama

it was a great slow-paced weekend with family.

and the clouds were amazing.  i couldn't stop taking pictures.

hope you had a relaxing weekend as well!

here's what i'm up to now...

the refuge for women 5K is this weekend!  not as relaxing as last weekend, but just as awesome! 

have a good one!!


  1. those cloud pics ARE incredible!

    this looks like you jumped out of a painting, or a story, or a movie or something :)

  2. I LOVE all these pictures! I think I already "liked" most of them on instagram :)