Monday, September 17, 2012


i love posting insta-friday, but recently realized that the weekends are when i instagram most.  so, i've decided to do an insta-monday post.  don't get your hopes up.  this probably won't be consistent.  but, i'm getting more into the swing of blogging again, so who knows!

C had her first project from school.  she had to fill in the little house with things about her.  family picture, things she loves to do, eat and play with.  she has been into Angelina Ballerina for a long time.  i love that she still loves it.  we also have Veggie Tales and Lion King, her at gymnastics or "ba-nastics", her with all her little friends, crayons, hotdog and mac & cheese, a family picture and buddy.  she loved helping me pick out pictures and glue them on.  and she LOVED calling it her project and turning it in to her teacher.  such a little girl.  very bittersweet.

on tuesday i just had one of those days.  where is starts out fine, but then it gets worse and worse.  well, it really wasn't that bad, but annoying enough that i felt very justified stopping to get a giant sonic drink when it wasn't happy hour.  sonic friends, you know what i'm saying?  i needed the sugar.  and it did made me feel better!  ;)

on wednesday, when the stress of tuesday had finally been dropped off, i went to our local ReStore.  i hit the jackpot on old windows.  there were so many for so cheap, but i only walked out with this one.  it was big and perfectly chippy.  then, the hubs added a plank of wood i had from when my mom's fence had to be re-placed.  this is how it turned out!  i'm kind of crazy about it...

this i dylan.  we rent our basement to him.  he's a younglife leader and UK student.  and everyone loves dylan.  i snapped this picture because i thought it was funny how both C and kona were on the floor with him giving him their undivided attention. =)

the weekend!  time for the hubs and i to head to cincy to celebrate my birthday!  and i kind of loved my outfit, so i decided to instagram it.  i don't do this often, but these red pants are so fun.  i couldn't help it!

shopping at anthropologie.  i loved SO much.  but why are they so expensive?  i went home with a cute mug and jar for the kitchen.  it's mostly just fun walking around looking and dreaming about stuff.  but i could have easily dropped a TON of money in there.  and of course i wanted these bowls.  but the hubs sweetly reminded me that we don't need anymore bowls....=(

eating at craVe.  very good, very cool place.  our dinner was awesome.  i was so full, but didn't want to stop because it was so good.  ugh.  good pick on the hubby's part and a definite recommendation if your in downtown cincinnati.

walking home from dinner.  a little better lightening.

good morning from downtown cincy!  i don't really think i'm this much of a city girl, but it was still fun to wake up and then walk to starbucks for breakfast.  and it was a beautiful morning.  kind of chilly and just perfect for sitting outside.  i look tired, don't i?

when we got home, we were greeted by a sweet little baby who couldn't WAIT to show me the birthday cake she helped make with her gran-jan!

what a great birthday weekend!

so, how was your week?  any fun instagrams to share?

and thank you for all the birthday wishes.  i'm 31 now.  30 was good.  i didn't mind turning 30.  and not that turning 31 is bad, it's just weird to think that i'm now IN my 30's.  i don't feel any older, it's just different.  but 31 will be good.  i am excited to see what God has in store for us!

ps - a random instagram from a few weeks back that i wanted to share:

the hubs and i got matching tattoos.

love 658.  deuteronomy 6:5-8 "love the lord your god with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength.  these commandments i give to you today are to be on your hearts.  impress them upon your children.  talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, while you lie down and when you get up.  bind them as symbols to your hands and tie them to your forehead."

this is what shaun and i want our lives and our family to be about.  love god.  all the time, everywhere.  we want to teach our kids this.  we want people to look at our lives and know that we love god because of the way we act and the way we love people.  we aren't perfect and never will be.  that's why we need a daily reminder.  we took verse 8 literally.  "bind them as symbols to your hands..."  at one time, this was done.  we just took a little different approach.

take THAT 31!  i'm not old yet!!  ;)


  1. C loves Angelina Ballerina AND The Lion King? We are sharing a childhood right now :)

    I love your red pants.
    And your tattoo.

    You guys are the second people I've heard of mentioning CraVe. We're going to have to check it out. You and Shaun will have to come back up so we can take you to Senate. I am pretty sure Senate is the reason Bryan and I don't ever expand our horizons in the restaurant realm.

    Happy Birthday, Jad.

    Remember when I called you Jad? HAHAHA

    1. haha! jad. i do remember that!! =)

      we would love to go someplace new with friends! senate sounds great. let's do it!!! =)

      love you too girl! thanks for reading the blog...=)

  2. Happy Birthday, Jade! Sounds like lots of fun!