Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday #3!!!

i'm sure i've said this for the past 2 years, but i'll say it again because it's how i feel.

i can't believe my baby is 3!  3.  so bitter sweet.  i'm so excited and proud of who she is becoming, and sad that she seems to be growing up so fast.  my baby...

i instagrammed this the night before her birthday.  she still loves to be wrapped up in a towel and carried to her room, like a baby, after every bath.  i'll do it as longs as she asks...

we had her party the weekend before her birthday.  and all she asked for at her party was a tent.  so, i made one.  and we hung it the night before her party, after she has gone to bed.

yes, that's my thumb.  sorry....

the tent was a big hit!  i failed at getting any pictures of the kids in the tent, but by the shrieks and giggles we heard from inside the tent, i would say it was a big hit.  it has lights strung up and pillows on the floor.  it's really very cozy.  we decided to leave it up for awhile.  i love that she can continue to play in it.

it's very pink in there.

i had a lot of fun with the decorations.  i've been wanting to do something different with our mantle, so i took her birthday party as a jumping off point.  i found a 6 old frames from Goodwill, sprayed them fun colors, backed with with chicken wire, then used little clothes pins to hang some of my favorite pictures of her this past year.  now that her birthday is over, i'm going to re-paint the frames in colors that match the living room (green, dark blue & white), then hang family pictures in them.  

it's still very festive.  i still haven't taken anything down... =)

a few more pictures from her party...

funny story with the birthday candles - the first time, the ceiling fan was on and they went out before i got to her.  she burst into tears.  then, we quickly re-lit them, and all her little friends helped her blow them out for a 2nd time.  she was pissed.  looked at me with a very disappointed look.  so, we lit them a 3rd time and asked the other kids to not blow.  the 3rd time was a charm, and the birthday girl was finally happy!  shew!


of course i didn't get a picture of the table before hand.  fail...  here we are at the end.  and 1 piece of cake left...  oh well. 

the streetman/cooks 

since monday was labor day and we were all home from work and school, we decided to keep celebrating!  off to monkey joes!

 after i snapped this picture, C said "mommy!  i wasn't scared!"  haha!  

thumb again?  geez jade!

and then yesterday, her actual birthday, she was spoiled to the MAX!

donuts for breakfast with mommy!

ice cream after lunch with gran jan

a few more presents from mommy & daddy

dinner at a restaurant

then MORE ice cream (froyo) with one of her best buds maddie, simba & nala!


girl zonked out almost as soon as we got home!  i think that's a sign of a pretty good birthday!! =)

love this little girl so much.  i can't believe how much love i have for her.  she has changed our world for the best.  every day is different than the day before.  every day brings something new and fun and scary.  i love looking back at how much she has grown and changed.  and i love thinking about it too.  my baby.  growing up and turning in to a little girl.

happy birthday baby girl.  we love you TONS!!!

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