Saturday, January 19, 2013


first, i want to say thank you for the way so many of you responded to my last blog post.  i appreciate so many of you offering up prayers for our little family.  and i'm praying for you all too.  this is such a hard topic.  thank you for sharing back with me.

i love instagram.  i just do.  the hubs keeps trying to get me into twitter, but i love pictures.  that's why instagram is so perfect.  plus, any picture can look so much better through it filters.  just so fun!

ok - i missed instaFriday, but here is my week in instagrams....

on saturday night, shaun and i went on a date so i painted my nails.  dinner and a movie.  the hobbit.  have you seen it?  i'm kind of a lord of the rings nerd.  love the movies.  shaun, not so much.  he said he almost fell asleep like 20 times!  WHAT?!?  oh well...

on sunday, i made pam's cheesecake.  i have no idea who pam is, but kimberlee makes this at every Craft Weekendmeg and kimberlee kept posting pictures on instagram of the current CW, and it made me miss being there almost a year ago.  so, i made pam's cheesecake.  so creamy, so good!  the hubs feel more in love with me that day.  ;)

monday ballet/tap class.  we grabbed some dinner afterwards then came home for a little ice cream.  sounds like a good monday routine to me!  

wednesday afternoon, C and i stopped by our local ReStore.  i'm on the hunt for a low bookshelf for the next nursery.  didn't find what i went looking for, but happened upon a matching pair of yellow bedside lamps for $5 a piece.  i couldn't pass them up!  i've been looking for new lamps for our nightstands for over a year, but i couldn't find the right pair.  or, they were all too expensive.  i hit the jackpot with these!!

i instagrammed the blog i wrote later that night.  again, thank you for all the sweet comments and messages.  it was one of the hardest blogs i've written, but one of my favorites too.

my cutie enjoying a cutie.  not very exciting, but as she was working on it, i just kept thinking of the cutie commercials.  "cuties are for kid!"  they sure are.  mommy's and daddy's too.

such a colorful little girl.  i wish i could dress like her most days.  she loves skirts over pants and picked out her own outfit yesterday.  i love that she wanted to wear her Big Sister shirt on the day we were going to find out if baby #2 was going to be a boy or a girl.  and we saw the sun yesterday for the first time in awhile too.  i just had to snap a few pictures of her out in the sunshine.

when shaun and i went to the doctor yesterday, we left C at my mom's house to nap.  i told her that when she woke up, mommy and daddy would be back and have either a pink or blue surprise for her.  if we brought her a blue surprise, she was having a little brother.  if we brought her a pink surprise, it was a little sister.  she was a little overwhelmed, and a little confused why the baby was still in my belly, but she was pretty excited too!

pink flowers, pink balloons and a new pink "dee-doe".  (that's the sock monkey.  she has a couple others and names them all dee-doe.  don't ask me...?)  she can't stop talking about her little sister.  that's what she wanted.  she knew.  i did too.  my next blog will be how i knew.  so many wonderful gifts from God lately.  this little lady inside me is teaching me so much about hearing God's voice.  i want to make sure i record it all so we never forget.

hope you all had a great week!  it was big week here at the cook house.  now, on to a happy weekend!

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  1. baby girls everywhere! i am SOOOOOO excited for you and loved reading about God's goodness and sweet words to you in your last post.