Thursday, January 10, 2013

my little ballerina

my girl started ballet and tap classes this week!  this has been something i have wanted to get her in for a long time.  this spring is finally the right time!

so, last friday we busied around town getting her everything she would need for her first class on monday.

little leotards, little tap shoes and little ballet shoes.  it was her dream come true.  mine too.  when we got home she wanted to try everything on, so we did.  =)

once monday came, she was about to lose it.  so excited.  so silly.  we had a lot of fun driving to her class.  she didn't stop talking the whole ride.  asking questions, telling me what she thought would happen.  i was smiling the whole time too.  i was excited that my girl was so excited.

these pictures are not good, but i want to record this moment here.  most were zoomed, with my iphone, through glass.  but she's still pretty cute.

she was very focused.  paid very close attention to her teachers and only spotted me through the window twice.  and even then, she just waved and smiled, then got right back to work.

she LOVED it.  both of us are very excited about the next few months.  i'm so proud of her and so excited to see her in the spring recital.

and if you know my girl, you know her love for ballerina's and tu-tus.  i decided to go through some old pictures and see how often she had a tu-tu on in them.  TONS.  i can't tell you how hard it was to narrow it down to these.

here's when it all started...


my little brother got married in may 2011.   C was one of the flower girls, and i made the tu-tus.  she hated it.  every time i tried to put it on her, she freaked.  so, i got the idea to let her look at herself in the mirror so she could see how pretty she looked.  done.  she was in love.  tu-tu's were her new obsession.  and she rocked the aisle on their wedding day.

here are some of my favorite snapshots since then...

 2nd birthday party

 christmas 2011

 just hanging around the house...

 march madness!  had to have a UK tu-tu.  national champs, duh.

bathing suit of her dreams.  she's so excited and couldn't stop moving, that it looks like she's missing a hand!

old ballet costume found in my best friends mom's basement.  she probably wore it the 
whole weekend we were there!

my little ballerina.  so proud of her and excited to see what all she learns.  i know zero about ballet.  but i'm excited to be a dance mom! 

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