Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's a new year!

i'm a bad blogger. really bad. but, i'm a new mom so it's ok, right....?

i'm really good at reading other blogs though. and a few of the blogs i've read have included new year's resolutions. so, i've decided to jump on the band wagon and write a set of my own. but i have to admit, these are pretty obtainable. i only have a year...let's be realistic.

so here we go...

#1- loose weight. yup. i'm one of those. but to be fair i just had a baby 4 months ago. i was loosing weight before the holidays but put it on hold so i could enjoy all the junk food that was bountifully set before me EVERYWHERE i went. now i'm getting back on track.

#2- finish caro's baby book. and not just add pictures, but also document milestones. so far so bad...

#3- read more and watch less tv. the watch less tv part should be fairly easy. but the read more is going to be tough. i like to read. i most recently read the whole twilight series and LOVED it. i'm afraid though that the read more resolution is going to be accomplished by books like the very hungry caterpillar and good night moon. oh well. it's reading so it still counts.

#4- spend more time with the lord. i've been sooooo bad about this lately. i could blame it on a hundred things and people would probably understand and sympathize with me, but it doesn't matter. they are still excuses.

#5- blog more. i like this blog thing and want to get better and more creative with it.

#6- be more creative. i can make things. why don't i?

#7- bake. i really like to bake and for christmas i got my coveted kitchen-aid stand mixer. i want to make creative and pretty things. and blog about them. and share them with co-workers. or else #1 goes straight out the window...

#8- not get pregnant. i LOVE my baby with all my heart, but i'm not ready for another one. we are a happy family of 3 right now and i really want to keep it like this for awhile.

#9- go on more dates. with shaun. =) we need our date night back. i love him so much and am so thankful for him. i love spending one on one time with my best friend. he's amazing!

#10- i don't have a 10th. i just felt like a list of 10 would be good, but i don't want to just make up something. i'm sticking with 9. 9er...

so here we go. 2010 i'm ready for you! this is the first year i've ever written down resolutions. i like this. i know where to find them if i forget, and i think this will help me be more intentional about them. we all need goals. and hopefully i won't let you down.


  1. i'm glad you said 9er & you've got some great goals! i hope you stick to number 5 because then i get to READ more blogs...which by the way is not one of my resolutions...i spend too much time reading blogs...BUT i still love hearing about you & your babe & your life so I'll stay right here in front of my computer :)

    Happy New Year friend-

  2. Just a few reactions to your resolutions:
    #1 - Whatever you want. I think you look great.
    #2 - Do that. It will be fun to look back on.
    #3 - I need to do that too. I've got a few books on the list, but we've been watching too much HGTV...
    #4 - Definitely...we have both been bad about this.
    #5 - Sure...I like reading them.
    #6 - Hmm...give me an example. I think you're creative.
    #7 - Yeah!!
    #8 - Yeah...not yet. But we'll see what God does!
    #9 - Fa sho! I need some quality boo time with wifey!
    #10 - Were you calling from a walkie-talkie???

  3. Haha...I as well am loving the Tommy Boy shoutout!! :)
    And here's the deal...I will TOTALLY come babysit for you wile you and Shaun have some quality boo time!! You let me know...