Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a weekend of random fun

we didn't do anything super amazing this past weekend, but it was still pretty fun! i'm starting with friday and ending with monday. that is my weekend since i'm off on mondays!

friday: i went to old navy on my lunch break. i scored BIG on jeans! i'm trying to loose weight and i'm not back in the size i wore right before C came, but i've been wearing a pair of jeans i wore before i lost weight to get pregnant. those jeans are now too big. so, i needed a pair of transitional jeans. i didn't want to spend much, maybe $20. well, i found some and guess how much i payed? guess? $8.50! what?!?! all sale was an additional 50% off! i don't know if this sale is still going on, but they had TONS of jeans. and these are not some jeans that i'm just settleing for, i really like them. it was definitely a score!

before i got home, shaun caught our baby daughter doing this!

evidentally we are going to have to keep an eye on her!

saturday: we went to the castle! no, no. not the jewelry store. castle post. my brother is a chef there and he gave us a little tour. it was so neat! i've driven past that castle sooo many times since i was a little and we tickled pink to finally get a look inside. this place is pretty fancy. i would LOVE to stay there some night with a whole bunch of friends. but right now, i'm happy with the tour.

later, when we got home, the UK wildcats become #1! another great day!

sunday: well, we didn't really do much. i actually cleaned (scrubbed) both the bathrooms and did laundry. it wasn't really fun, but it was a great feeling when i finally took a shower and then later gave caro a bath in our shiny bathtub.

monday: C and i went to hobby lobby. mostly we just walked around. i really love it there. i only spent about $8 on some reeds for the bathroom, but i still walked the whole store. so many things to look at and get ideas from.

and later, i made apple spice cupcakes from scratch. i found the recipe here on christi's blog. i was able to do everything pretty flawlessly. the icing was spectacular! and the delce de leche made the cupcakes quite a sweet treat! shaun went nuts over them! i love baking for him. =)
yes, i stole her picture. but mine looked almost identical. except for the frosting.

the weekend ended with a wonderful surprise! my best friend cami called and we each set up skype on our computers! it was amazing! i got to talk to her, brad (her husband), owen (her sweet 2 year old) and baby elliott (5 months). i almost started crying i was so excited. cam and i talk and email as much as we can, but i still haven't met elliott. she was the one that was born at 28 weeks. she looks AMAZING! so healthy and so big. what a wonderful way to end the weekend!

back at work now. listening to all the sirens go by from wrecks on the roads this morning. glad i'm in here!


  1. Those cupcakes look amazing. It's that time in the afternoon at work when I am in need of a snack ... those would be perfect right now.

  2. If you ever go stay at the castle with friends can I be one of them?