Saturday, January 30, 2010

do you ever?

do you ever go through your day thinking "i should blog about ." but then when you really think about it your either doesn't seem worthy or an entire blog, or if you do only blog about that you will seem a little weird. yeah, me either....

i was talking to my best friend cami the other night and she was saying s
he writes entire blogs in her head all the time. (even though she doesn't actually have a blog - i think she needs one) i do this too. but i either forget about it later when i'm in front of the computer, or the little topics that pop in my head don't seem blog worthy.

well, this morning i've got 3 random, i mean RANDOM things i've thought about blogging about before.

shazam - do you have an iphone? do you have the app called shazam? i
think it's the coolest app out there. there are so many times i hear a song and really like it. but it's on a random commercial, or a tv show. how the heck am i suppose to find out who sings it? SHAZAM! all you have to do is hold your iphone up while the song is playing. shazam will listen and figure out the song. then they tell you who sings it, what album it's on and they take you directly to the itunes store and tempt you to buy it. it's sooooo cool! i have used it so much. i've even been on the look-out for commercials b/c my brother has wondering about certain songs too. if you don't have this application, you NEED it.

twilight- have you read the series? oh man. i read the series while i was pre
gnant and, of course, have seen both the movies (a couple of times). these books are so good! but sometimes, (i kind of hate to admit this, but if you've read them i think you can relate) i think about bella and edward and jacob throughout my day. i think about them at school, or walking on the beach at la push. i think about how much they love each other and how weird it is that they aren't real. i was so wrapped up in their lives when i was reading the books i just kept wanting to find out more. have your read midnight sun? oh - if you are a twilight fan and you have no idea what i'm talking about, you are in for a treat! go {here} and enjoy my friends. enjoy!

status updates on facebook- do you do these? i don't. i don't think there is anything wrong with
them, i just don't think people care that i'm going to the dentist. or that i'm hungry. yes, i read others. and lately i feel like all people do is complain. is this how it's always been and i'm just not noticing? i can't stand it! now, i had this conversation with someone just recently and they said, "you do realize that you are complaining about people complaining, right?" ok- yes, i realize that, but i'm not doing it on facebook, so it's ok. =) but seriously, it makes me sad that all people have on their mind sometimes are complaints. sometimes i wish everyday was thanksgiving. at least that day most updates were about things people were thankful for.

well, that about it. sorry this was kind of a boring blog.

here's a little picture from my saturday morning. it was early and cold, but still
so pretty.

happy snowy saturday to you!

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  1. Love it! You know I am the queen of random, and can have 13 things running through my head at one time.
    I wish I had an IPhone so I could play with Shazam. I think it would be my favorite as well.
    Love Twilight...want to get the new one! :) And sometimes I think about Edward and Bella and Jacob, and wish they lived down the street so I could hang out with them.
    I admit, I do use my status. And I do complain...but I try really hard not too! :) Love you!!