Monday, January 11, 2010

let's try mousse

i really like making desserts (and eating them too, duh) and for christmas my brother got me a great new dessert cook book. so, this past weekend i decided to take a stab at one of the recipes. and i chose one from the international dessert section. a bitter chocolate mousse. made with orange liquor and yummy "expensive" chocolate.

i have to admit it was kind of tricky. luckily for christmas i also got my beautiful stand mixer. there was a lot of beating. and beating and beating and beating. i also had to use my old hand mixer, but was very thankful for my kitchen-aid.

there's kind of something that comes over me whenever i'm baking. i get stressed out and think to myself "what am i doing? how did i get myself into this?" but as soon as i taste test my progressing creation i get really excited about what i'm doing. and when shaun walks in and peeks over my shoulder wondering when can have a bite, i look forward to serving it.

so here's my finished product. our friends paul and steph came over and on saturday night when i served my mousse. everyone ate every bite. i was pretty excited to see everyone enjoyed what i had made. in the end it wasn't as difficult as it seemed somewhere in the middle. if anyone wants the recipe let me know. i decided not to add it as my blog. sometimes i don't like reading blogs on food preparation. which is strange since it's something i enjoy. but anyway - let me know if you want to give it a try. it was really yummy and kind of fancy!

ps- even though this blog is pretty short it took my quite a while to write tonight. why? because shaun is out with his bible study guys and i'm at home alone (baby C is asleep -- don't worry) watching the bachelor! i've never really watched one before and these girls are ridiculous! there are boobs flying around everywhere! but i'm hooked....i. can't. stop. watching.

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  1. Glad to know that you are addicted as well to the Bachelor. These girls are ridiculous!! :)