Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i don't feel well today. i really don't want to complain, so i am trying to think about better days to come.

right now i wish i was here:

with these people (plus baby caroline, baby elliott, and baby boy stone)

doing this...

i have no idea who these people are eitehr. but we keep teasing that we are going to take a family picture all wearing white shirts on the beach. who knows. if mandy has it her way, we will! =)

uh. i wish it was july....


  1. i used to have a puppy just like the one in the family picture!

    hope you feel better soon!!


  2. didn't know you guys had a blog ! awesome - say hey to the big man for me... she is adorable

  3. oh, i want to be there, too!!! you are funny! can't wait for the family photo!

  4. SO funny Jade - Pack the white shirts for July!!