Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 days

the weekend is coming! the weekend is coming! and for me, it starts tomorrow. yeah! and monday is a holiday, so that means i get 4 days off! 4 days at home to be with my baby. double yeah!

i want to make something fun this weekend. shaun and i already celebrated valentine's last tuesday because my mom is our only babysitter right now and she will be out of town this weekend. plus, i got shaun tickets to the UK game, so we celebrated a little early. but...i still want to do a little something on sunday. have some kind of tasty treat for dinner and dessert. but i don't know what to make. i'll probably go with red velvet cake for dessert. shaun looooves the cream cheese icing i make. and i was watching sunny anderson's cooking show on the food network the other day and this is the red velvet cake she made. i think i'm going to use regular cream cheese icing, but the look of this one is so cool. i'll let you know how it goes.

but what should i make for dinner? shaun is so picky i don't have a lot of options. i read great recipes all the time, but it almost always includes cheese or ranch or seafood or rice. he is pretty much against all this stuff, plus much more. maybe something steak related? does anyone know any good recipes?

hopefully we will be able to get out and do something and the snow won't keep us house bound. usually i love staying in on cold weekends, but i want to go out and do something. i need a new jacket. one with a hood that is water resistant. {note to future mothers: it is almost impossible to hold an umbrella while holding a baby. so unless you can rock the wet hair look, which i cannot, you need a coat with a hood} shaun (my amazingly generous husband) is giving me his $50 gift card to dick's! i'm looking for something like this:

i hope they are having a sale in the store and i can get a good deal!

happy v-day weekend blog land!


  1. Jade, I totally know how you feel about wanting to get out of the house. I think its the cold weather but I am itching to go out and do stuff. Also, I would be happy to baby sit for you anytime, so you can add me to your list :)

  2. This cake is amazing!!!!!!!!! I'm eating a piece right now! Thanks, babe! :)