Friday, February 5, 2010

5 months

baby girl-

i can't believe it. 5 months have passed and you are growing faster than i can track!

you are obsessed with your feet these days. every chance you get you are grabbing for them. while your eating, playing, getting your diaper changed. you LOVE your feet! (i love them too - they are really cute and chubby!) they are a little bit ticklish now. i can tickle the bottom and you curl your toes and pull away. daddy is always smelling them and teasing that they are really stinky. i just tell him - stop sticking your nose in them!

you are also starting to sit up on your own a bit. you aren't quiet strong enough to sit straight up, but you are learning how to hold your self up with your arms. i've been trying to get pictures of you sitting up and have a TON where you are tipping over. I have to admit, those are my favorite. but every time you fall you just roll over to your back and squeal with delight. you really enjoy looking around while sitting up. it's like a whole new world for you where everything isn't only horizontal.

you are laughing and playing and smiling all the time. you really are a happy baby. you sleep through the night (11 hours be exact) and you love to hear yourself squeal. you like to practice standing, and i get excited but freaked out at the same time when i think about you crawling and walking soon. you are my sweet baby girl and my favorite person to spend time with (next to daddy).

and you've started to reach for things. papers i'm holding in my hands, my phone, kona. you looove kona. he is your buddy. every time he is in the room you are fixated on him. you reach for him and he stops and licks your hands (before i can stop him!) and you giggle and squeal. you have also started reaching out for our faces. sticking your fingers in our mouths and reaching for our noses. you especially loves daddy's face right now b/c he has a bread. you are always trying to grab the hairs on his face.

you bring us so much joy baby caroline. i can't believe 5 months have already passed. keep growing strong baby girl. we love you more that you could ever imagine.


  1. So sweet Jade!! I love reading about you guys since I don't get to see you as often, and see those pictures of that sweet girl. She's getting so big! Love you guys!

  2. I love this!! I love seeing all of the pictures. What a precious little girl!