Tuesday, February 16, 2010


baby elliott-

from the day you were born you have been prayed for more than most babies i know. the beginning of your life started out scary, but you are truly a miracle. you were tiny and perfect. to the world you didn't seem ready, but god had a plan and he knew differently. to us you seemed early. but to him, you were right on time.

unfortunately, we have never met. you're mommy and daddy are keeping you safe and warm in the walls of your home. but i know you are amazing and strong. i've "seen" how far you have come and i know you thriving every day.

there are just a few things i wanted to tell you at this stage in your life. things that may seem obvious, but are sometimes easily forgotten.

1- you have the strongest and most amazing mommy ever. she has conquered these past 6 months with determination and strength like no other. she has put everything on hold to love and protect you. she is not the personality to be quiet or be by herself. but she loves you so much, she has done what she needs to do. she is strong and wonderful and amazing.

2- your daddy and brother are pretty great too! ;) they are so ready to protect you and defend you forever. i know owen will be the best older brother there ever was. and i know your daddy is ready to be your knight in shining armor. get ready for boys to be questioned and a few loving but embarrassing moments to come!

3- you are strong. and i know this means your are destined for amazing things. you have been through more in your first 6 months of life than most people will en dour in a lifetime. like i said before - god has a plan. he knew what he was doing when he brought you here 12 weeks early. he knew you could survive and he knows you will continue to become an amazing woman of god. you are a miracle. his miracle. mommy and daddy's miracle.

you are 6 months old today. you are smiling and reaching for things. you are making noises and progressing through all your milestones. and this weekend i will get to meet you! i'm going to bring you a friend too. i want you to teach her how to be strong. i want you to show her that nothing is impossible. and, if you wouldn't mind, mention how great her parents are too!

we love you baby elliott.



  1. I have tears in my eyes! I am so happy they have such a sweet friend. Happy half birthday baby Elliott!

  2. jade, i am so blessed by your words. they touched my heart; she is our miracle, and we are so thankful that she has an aunt jade and uncle shaun! cannot wait to meet your little miracle! love you so much!

  3. So sweet! I wish I had written it! :) I don't know why this says Matt, but it is Mandy!