Monday, January 21, 2013

it'a a girl!

i know that isn't new news, but i can't tell you how amazing it was to have the ultrasound tech tell us that!

you see, i knew.  i know, i know.  you're probably thinking, "you had a 50/50 chance jade...".  and yes, you're right, but it was more than that.  things have happened over the last couple of weeks.  and the day before the ultrasound i told shaun that i would be surprised if we weren't having a girl...

i always wanted a sister.  yes, i have a little brother that i adore and would never ever replace.  but a sister in the mix would have been fun too.  i have a theory about how i'm not a very good "girlfriend" (as in, girl and girl friendships) because i don't have a sister.  you know what i'm talking about?  the girls that are the best girlfriends have sisters.  right?  well, not always of course, but that's the excuse i'm using for being a lousy girlfriend...

so, as i was saying, the idea of C having a sister has always been a strong desire of mine.  of course, with how long it took for us to get pregnant this time, i would have loved a boy or a girl.  but, as the time got closer to finding out, i kept wondering if sisters would be in our future.

a week before the ultrasound, C and i were admiring a beautiful sunset, when i looked up and saw a big pink cloud over our house.  the first thing i thought was, girl!  i yelled to shaun, "babe, there's a huge pink cloud over our house!  do you think this means we're having a girl?!?"  we tried to grab a picture, but missed it.  he thought i was crazy...

the next monday night i had a dream.  we were at the doctors office finding out the sex and they told us it was a girl.  i remember in my dream, saying "i get to have sisters!"  i had a gender dream about C, in the very beginning.  we didn't find out with her, but i remember journaling in the very beginning that she was a girl.

the day before the ultrasound i read the scripture on my desk calendar at work.  Jan 17th - Your workmanship is marvelous - and how well i know it.  you were there while i was being formed in utter seclusion! ~ Psalm 139:14,15.  what a beautiful reminder of how He forms us in our mother's womb.  i had been thinking about our baby so much lately.  excited that we were about to see her and find out the sex, but also nervous.  if there was something wrong, this ultrasound would be where we found out.

since i don't work on fridays, i flipped to the next day to see what it would say on the day of our ultrasound.  Jan 18th - she lives.  she loves.  she laughs.  she makes every day a celebration of who she is in Christ.  i knew it!  i just knew that this day would say something about "she".  something about a girl.  the first line got me.  she lives.   this is the point i emailed shaun.  i sent him both days and said "i'm going to be shocked if we aren't having a girl!"

ultrasound on friday revealed right away.  GIRL.  i knew it.  i said the line from my dream.  "i get to have sisters!"

as shaun and i were leaving the doctor, i couldn't stop smiling.  i was of course excited about another healthy baby girl, but almost more excited about how God had been revealing things to me lately.  i know that for some, that probably sounds weird.  all of these things could be coincidental.  but i really believe that God hears us.  he listens.  he cares about the little things that to others may seem insignificant.  and he knows the desires of our hearts.  things won't always go our way, but i feel like in this situation, it was a sweet reminder of what a sweet God we have. 


onto planning for baby girl #2!  sometimes i don't know how i waited to find out with C...

i've started planning the nursery a little bit.  starting with this...

i'm obsessed with katie daisy.  C has a couple of prints in her room and bathroom.  i got one for my bro and sis-in-law for christmas.  the hubs got me one for christmas.  so, it only made since that i got baby girl #2 one too!  isn't this the sweetest?  love the colors.  love the line from alice and wonderland.  love it all.  so, it's my starting point.

today i went and bought some new fabric.  can't wait to get started!!!

and, just because i'm way excited, and i couldn't do this with C (since we didn't know early that she was a girl), i'm also getting these...

 is that bow not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?  well, besides that little babe it's on...;)

and once she's born, we've already decided she's going to need this in her room...

"sweet baby girl"  love it!  can't wait to meet her!

off to pin more to my nursery board!!

katie daisy print here; fabric from JoAnn's; baby felt bow here;  baby hat here;  birth announcement subway art here

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  1. Sisters are really the best thing ever. I can't wait for C to have a built-in forever best friend! You're a great mom, Jadey.

    And friend (in case you were wondering. You're good at it!)