Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 months

my baby is 6 months! crazy! i can't believe a 1/2 a year has already gone by since she was born!

dear baby caroline-

you are sitting up with ease these days. you still enjoy laying back and relaxing after a while, but sitting and playing has become one of your new favorite things. i can't believe how quickly you perfected this. you are an exceptionally fast learner. definitely advanced. =)

you also started baby food this month. i wasn't for sure how you would take it because when we tried with rice cereal, you adamantly refused to swallow. but food with flavor has been a lot easier for you. you have tried and loved all the vegetables there are to offer. strangely you are having a harder time with the fruits. everyone always told me fruits would be easy. but not with you. you are a squash and green beans kind of girl.

you're crazy about buddy and he's pretty crazy about you. he loves to lick your face and hands and you are so curious to reach out and pull his hair. he tolerates you perfectly. he's still a little surprised when you pull instead of pet, but i don't think he really minds. he just wants to sniff and lick you. almost every night he comes in your room with daddy and i and joins our nightly routine of playing before bed. i know you all are going to be great pals as the years go on. and i can't wait until you can get out in the back yard and run around with him!

you cut your first tooth this past weekend, but you handled it like a pro. i kept feeling in your mouth, knowing that it would be here any day. all of sudden, there it was. you were a little fussy from time to time, but for the most part you were perfect. there is another one soon to follow, so we are ready to ease any pain you have. i can't believe you are old enough for teeth. i've been excited and scared for teeth to come, but you continue to prove that you are a cook baby. laid back and relaxed.

you love to smile and laugh. you are starting to understand different things that we say and you are recognizing certain objects. you say "ba-ba" a lot, and honestly i think you associate this word with a bottle. you have sounded like you've said "hi" on a couple of occasions and it's so cute and so weird at the same time. you still love to touch daddy's beard and you love to reach for mommy's necklace. you haven't yet reached out for us, but when i put my hands out to pick you up, you put your little hands in mine.
we love you baby girl! happy 6 month birthday!!


  1. I can't believe that she's already 6 months old! Time sure does fly! She's a cutie!

  2. love that bow in her did you get it to stick? love all the pics! and reading about little miss.