Friday, March 26, 2010

spring break!

well, sort of. i of course do not get a spring break anymore, but shaun does. so today we are headed to....drum roll please....WESTERN KENUTCKY! yeah! i'm honestly very, very excited! i've blogged about it before. this is where my best friend cami and her family lives. i miss cami so much, and now that we have kids and baby girls that are really close in age, i think i miss her even more. i can't wait to go and relax with them all weekend long. i checked the weather last night for calvert city, ky and then randomly decided to check the weather in destin, fl. it's going to be nicer in calvert than in destin. that's awesome! and weird.

i've also been thinking about the many blessing in my life lately. every tuesday i email with my three best friends about praises and prayer requests. we pray for each other through the week and also give praise and rejoice in each others joy. this week i had so many praises!

1- going to visit cami for a long weekend! i've already talked about that one, so it's the first and short.

2- i have a great job that lets me stay home every monday with my baby. and this week i'm taking tuesday off as well to have an extra day with C, and an extra day with Shaun since he will be out of school all week!

3- we finally made it to church this past sunday! YEAH!! double YEAH! it was so great. we got introduced to the nursery and the facility. i felt really comfortable leaving C in there and she did great! we went to the early 8:30 service b/c that works best with her everyday schedule. as soon as we got in the car to leave C fell asleep, so shaun and i decided to see if we could go to cracker barrel for breakfast. she did great again! she slept almost the whole time and didn't wake up until i was finished eating. she is such an amazing baby! we are truly blessed.

4- date night is BACK! shaun and i keep talking about re-establishing date night on a regular basis, but we haven't been able to nail anything down. well this week my sweet husband coordinated with my mom and set up a bi-weekly schedule for her to come babysit so we could go out. i'm so stoked! when he told me i instantly got a HUGE smile on my face. our first date is next thursday! i can't WAIT!!!!!!!

5- i've lost 8lbs so far since i've started WW. i know that sounds like a silly praise compared to the others, but i'm still excited about it. i'm having a off week right now (not being the best point tracker), but for the most part i've been working really hard and i'm so thankful to see results.

that's it. i hope you get the chance to sit down sometime soon and think of all the things are have to be thankful for. it's so eye opening sometimes and in a world where we hear more bad things than good, and i really value weekly praises from friends.

here are some random pics of C. just cute, so i thought i would share. have a great weekend!


  1. that face in the bathtub is so awesome! I love it. I still have never met her in person...can't wait until i do someday.

  2. i wish static in my hair made me look that cute! glad to hear about so many praises in your life!