Tuesday, March 2, 2010

nothing special

i don't really have much going on right now. just a few random things here and there. so, how about a random list of thoughts for today's blog. sound ok?

1- i forgot how hard it is to diet. seriously. and i don't even think of weight watchers as a "diet". it's a way to eat healthier with smaller portions. but starting something like this is hard. it's like my body is going through withdraw from drugs. headaches. irritability. drinking TONS of water. but it's good. i overall feel better. i lost 2 lbs last week and am really thankful for the progress because i passed up donuts and girl scout cookies and cake last week!

2- have you ever heard of a kuerig coffee maker? it's pretty cool. it makes individual cups of coffee from these little k-cups. you can have a variety of coffee on hand and not waste any by brewing too much. well, when we went to western kentucky a couple of weeks ago our friend brad had one. he was kind of crazy about it. it was new and he was excited. well, he got shaun excited about it. shaun has literally talked about getting one EVERY day since we have been home. it's been 9 days! shaun, if you are reading this i hope you have bought your dang kuerig by now! you've been driving me nuts!! <3

3- speaking of western kentucky, i guess i never mentioned anything about our trip. it was amazing! we had some great hang-out time. remember how nice a pretty and warm it was in lexington that sunday? well, it was like that on saturday there! we were able to sit on the porch in the sun. and that night we built a fire and stayed up and talked and laughed after all the kids were in bed. it was so great! just a preview of our trip this july!!

shaun and the kids. shaun thought this would be a awesome picture idea. ok - it's cute!

the band of babies! this was a fun picture to take. surprisingly both babies are looking forward and both kids are smiling! great group effort adults!

4- this past weekend shaun's dad came to visit. he helped shaun do some work in our 1/2 bathroom. i look forward to hopefully sharing pictures soon. it turned into a longer process than they originally thought with patching unexpected holes and missing random pieces. but shaun thinks he can get it finished tonight. i did make his stop and enjoy his birthday on sunday night. some good hangout time with the family and shauny got a new corn-hole set!

5- and finally - last night's bachelor. sick. i knew he was going to pick her (reality steve) but it was still a disappointment. i've said before that i've never watched a season before. well, i don't know if i'll watch one again. i was pretty disappointed. whatev. i'll never get those brain cells back!

this weekend we have plans to go to a baby shower for our good friends paul and steph and the baby boy they adopted about a month ago. i am super pumped for this party! shaun and paul have been best friends since the 4th grade and it is so amazing to see them both as dad's. i'm so looking forward to all the wonderful memories we will have together and i'm so glad that God gave this amazing couple this amazing little boy. i may not blog until next week (because obviously this blog was pretty boring and i can't anticipate it getting any better), so hopefully i'll post some pictures of all the sweet babies we will see this weekend.

the frields. what a great family!

have a good week!

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  1. Oh, so many babies! Very cute :) I like that Josie has her arm around Owen!