Friday, March 12, 2010

"weekends, i prefer the weekend"

we have a busy weekend coming up. nothing too special, but it should be fun!

here are some of my goals by tuesday:

1. clean, clean, clean. our house is filthy... tomorrow i plan to dust, sweep, fold, scrub and vacuum everything in sight!

2. buy baskets and organize/re-organize C's toys. michael's is having a 40% off sale for baskets. we have built in book shelves in our living room and the bottom shelves need baskets of toys instead of books and candles. i'm going to have a crawler soon...

3. finish C's initial project for her room. i plan on blogging about this once it's complete. it's cute and easy. i just don't have a lot of time on my hands these days, and i haven't found the right background. (you'll understand soon)

4. watch UK play with friends and family. friends tomorrow afternoon and hopefully family on sunday.

5. go to church. we have only been a couple of times since C was born. we were able to keep her with us in the beginning b/c she just slept all the time. once she was awake more and too loud to stay in the service, it was prime flu/sick baby season. i was too afraid to put her in child care. but this week is the week. she is a healthy 6 month old that has had all her shots. we are going to church!

well, there you have it.

hope you have a fun and productive weekend!


  1. I love weekends where you can catch up on everything and spend time with those you love - sounds like you have a great weekend planned! Can't wait to see Caroline's monogrammed project! Thanks for your encouragement WW pal! (I haven't officially started yet - going grocery shopping tonight/tomorrow)

  2. well, i love this! let's just say as well that i was singing the song that goes along with the title of your blog today..:) hahaha. love ya!