Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what a weekend!

oh geez! what a weekend! i know it's already wednesday and for many the coming weekend is closer than the past weekend, but i'm still recovering from the latter.

we were a sick house! that's right - the stomach bug. i got a few of the things on my list accomplished, but the sickies put a halt on some.

so, here's a short and sweet recap:

1- i did get the house pretty clean. not as clean as i would have liked, but it doesn't matter now b/c it's a war zone again.

2- i did get baskets for C's toys. i re-arranged some stuff on the bookshelves and it's looks good and is very functional.

3- i did not finish C's monogram project. i was able to work on it some, but this was in between C getting sick and then Shaun and myself getting sick.

4- we did watch UK play as well. again, the games actually fell in between the sickness.

5- we did not get to go to church. and i have to admit, this is the one i'm most upset about. i was so looking forward to getting back into church. but C woke up saturday morning sick and throwing up. we decided that even though she was feeling better by that night, we shouldn't take her to child care and risk exposing other babies. and it's better we didn't b/c then shaun ended up sick sunday night and me monday morning.

so, what is the one thing i did fully accomplish this past weekend? i took care of my baby, then my husband, then myself. and now my wonderful mother who took care of C all day monday and let her spend the night monday night, is now sick and i will be dropping off supplies at her door as needed.

i will say, that my house may not look clean and organized at the moment, but i have lysoled and clorox wiped every surface i could. light switches, door knobs, toilet seats, you name it! i've washed blankets and sheets and pillows. i've boiled paci's and toothbrushes. we better be bug free in our house!

i look forward to these faces again...

a random quick note that i want to throw out there - i've lost 7lbs so far since i started weight watchers 3 weeks ago! i'm pretty pumped and got my first comment today about my pants looking too baggy! i know that sounds stupid, but results and encouragement go a loooong way with me.

i hope everyone is staying healthy!

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  1. :( So sorry for the stomach bug - that's the worst one! BUT Congratulations on your 7 lbs! That's GREAT!!! :)