Friday, February 10, 2012

amazing week & instafriday

i'm so bummed that i haven't blogged since last friday.  hence the double title.

but tonight, i finally have a little time to sit down and reflect.  but, i will preface this by saying that i probably only got 4 good hours of sleep last night.  C is sick for the 1st time in a year.  almost exactly to the day.  she got a lot of ear infections when she was younger, but the past year she has been clear.  well, this morning, after a near sleepless night, the doctor confirmed that she has one.  let's just say, i was up a lot last night...

this week has been awesome.  we've had some pretty big things happen here.  before anyone gets their hopes up - i'm.not.pregnant.  but what happened this week is something that i've been dreaming of, kind of like a pregnancy.  as a family, we have been praying for this for a long time.  ever since C came along.  but the timing was never right.  God was telling us to wait. 

but, 2 weeks ago, a part-time job just showed up out of nowhere.  wait, let me go back 3 weeks.   3 weeks ago, shaun and i had a family budget meeting.  now, don't be impressed.  these aren't meetings we have often.  in fact, we had been needing to have one for about 4 months.  but we dread them, so we put them off.  but finally, one wednesday night we made a plan, stuck to it, and had a meeting.  and in that meeting, we ran scenarios of what it would look like if i worked less, once we had another baby.  we prayed and left it at, "we'll make it work."  but again, this was once baby #2 was on the scene.

then, out of nowhere, less than a week after our meeting, i see a posting for a part-time job with a non-profit organization i know and love.  so, i update my resume, send it over, but don't really expect to hear anything.

but then, i did.  and then, i had 2 amazing interviews.  and then, they offered me a job.  and then they told me i could do some work from home and that i could stay home with C for 3 days a week. woah!  shaun and i ran the #'s and it all worked.  perfect.  like too perfect.  like, God perfect. =)

so, in 1 week, i will be working part-time!  yahoo!  you don't know how excited i am.  to be home more with C.  to feel more like a mom that works, instead of an employee who's a mom.  and to work for an organization that means something to me.

this has been an amazing week, and God has been in every step.  so many steps of faith, so many open doors, and so much confirmation. 

thank you to everyone who has prayed with us.


shew!  ok, so how about some instafriday?  as usual, linking up with jeannette @ life rearranged!

this was taken a week ago, but i forgot to add it to last friday's post.  we have had some crazy weather here.  it was 56 degrees, blue skies, beautiful day, sun roof open and february.  that's weird here.  the weather today - 29 degrees, snowy, gray.  that's  normal for february.  i had to capture this rare moment!

also from last week, but again, i forgot to add it.  this was C's last night in her crib.  i know it's probably weird, but i had to get one last picture.  she looks like such a big girl here.

but an even bigger girl here!  that's right - the big girl bed!  she loooooooves it.  still thinks it's the best thing ever.  when she talks about her big girl bed, it's with so much excitement.  and she is doing amazing.  the first night was seamless.  she didn't get up once.  but, she did wonder into our room at about 5:30am.  then 6:30, then finally shaun got up at 7:30 with her.  she's doing much better now after a week, but that's why we did it on a weekend.  we knew it would take some practice!  =)

saturday morning jam session.  daddyboy was holding the chords, and C was strumming and singing.  they made a pretty good team!

isn't this vase amazing?!?!?  a very sweet co-worker gifted it to me this week.  i couldn't help but snap it's picture.  and i can't wait to put pretty flowers in it this spring.  a gift from anthropologie is always a good way to start a work day!

and look at these pretty ladies!  some beautiful tulips from my amazing hubs, as a congratulations for getting a new job!  such a sweet surprise.  i'm kind of spoiled....

my sweet girl after she was really brave at the doctor today. she's not the biggest fan of the doctor, but now that she's older, i feel like we can talk it through some.  and i'm not above bribing and rewarding her with treats.  so after she did so great, we made a little stop at starbucks.  is it weird that she get's excited about and really knows what starbucks is?  is it weird that when we go to the grocery store, she knows there is a starbucks inside and gets excited?  nah...


well, i'm staying on track with my february photo challenge.  

and yes - i did take today's, even though if i could have skipped one, this would have been it.  why am i like that?  i guess because it was a picture of just me.  seems weird.  but i guess, good at the same time.  i guess...

have a good weekend friends!  

i'll be back soon with a sweet cookie recipe that i found on pinterest.  just in time for love day!  

don't they look and sound amazing!  can't wait to make little heart shaped ones!  =)

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  1. congrats on your new job!!! that is AWESOME what a blessing. and i love that God has better for you than you and hubs could dream.
    i LOVE that. totally affirming your faith in Him. <3