Friday, February 24, 2012

i want to make...

i want to make so many things right now.

it's pinterest's fault.  if you pinterest, you probably know exactly where i'm coming from...

i love the ideas i find on pinterest.  but do you ever feel guilty for not making the things you pin?

well, i'm thinking that maybe if i tell you about them, i'll really make them.  it's worked for giving up sweets...

so, here are some things on my list

an insulated lunch tote.  i actually ordered some fabric yesterday for this.  at my new job, i'm taking my lunch everyday, but there is no refrigerator.  i realized yesterday, as i was packing my lunch in C's pink lunch box with butterflies on it, that i might need one of my own.  this will get made, soon...  tutorial found here.

staying on the topic of sewing - i'm going to attempt making a dress for C this year.  i made her a skirt last year.  my sewing skills have gotten a little better, so i'm going to attempt a dress.  this pattern seems pretty basic.  i really would love to do it.  pattern found here.

and why not attempt a dress for myself while i'm at it?  pattern found here.

i would love to make something like this for C's room.  i know i can find an old shutter somewhere, i just need to commit to it.  it's this cute?!?

this would be fun and easy for C's room too.  it's a cookie sheet covered in fabric to make a magnet board.  genius huh??  this would be so easy!!

this picture gets me excited for spring.  i love having fresh flowers around.  these are just soup cans covered in pretty paper.  this would be a fun mother's day present.  or if you were throwing a baby or wedding shower.  just plant some little flowers, cover the cans in cute paper and give them away.  simple and sweet.

smoothies!  random compared to the other things, but it's still something i want to make.  i want to go buy a blender and start making smoothies.  i think C would really enjoy them and they can be so healthy!  doesn't a strawberry-blueberry-orange smoothie sound so refreshing?

what has pinterest inspired you with lately?

it's almost the weekend.  time to get busy!  =)

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  1. Jade! They usually have tons of shutters at the re-store! I made our headboard out of some from there and they were super cheap! Good luck! I love projects!