Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a little love day party

hey friends!  hope you all had a fun valentine's day.

the hubs and i have never gone out on v-day.  we always get a little something for each other, but we never go out on the actual day.  too many people and too expensive.

so, last night we had a little love day party at our house.  basically, we all just wanted to get together and hang out, and tuesday was a free day.  but, the girls exchanged little valentine's and we heard all about what they did at school that day.

we attempted to get a quick family photo, but this is what we saw when we looked at my phone...

hmmm...  not really a keeper....;)

i did have few decorations around.  mostly because C is at a really fun age right now and she loves to "help" me with crafts.  when i sewed the little heart banner together, she really wanted to sit on my lap.  instead, i pulled up a chair for her and she watched with excitement the whole time.

we had such a fun night!

and remember those meltaway cookies i talked about making in my last post?

well, i couldn't get a picture quick enough!

they were super yummy!  and they really did just melt in your mouth.

it was a quick little party, but things don't tend to last too long on school nights once you have kids.  but it was a perfect little catch up and a great way to spend the evening.  i love our friends and their kids so much.  and i'm so thankful for their friendship and love.

this was my valentine's present this morning

it's not so bad to drive to work and see a sky like this in front of you.

especially when this sweet thing is sitting behind you

she got a new sock monkey for v-day.  now she has a boy and a little girl.  both named "dee-doe".....=)

happy belated love day friends!

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  1. Love all the love :) I heart the heart banner and your sweet people!