Wednesday, February 22, 2012

random wednesday

as usual, i've got a lot of random things going on.  so, i thought i would just be random and share!

last friday, C and i went up to our local ReStore to look around.  i didn't really go looking for anything in particular, so, we were just about to leave when i saw this hanging on the wall.

i loved the sweet needlepoint, and thought it would look great in C's room.  i needed a little more art in there, and this needlepoint at only $10, would work great.

but that matte.  grayish blue?  why?

and the frame.  pretty beat up and bad.

so, i bought it, but wanted to make it work for cheap.

i took it apart and cleaned the glass and the frame.  sprayed the frame white and then found a matte for $3 at hobby lobby.  and now, it looks like this -

so much better, right??  the green matte alone makes a huge difference!  one that actually matches...what a concept, huh??  and glossy white spray paint always makes things better in my opinion.

now, it's hanging in her room with a couple of other prints and frames i already had.

the smaller frames were terrible too, but i just sprayed them white.  the mason jar art was a valentine's day card.  and the smallest print is from katie daisy that i got on Craft Weekend.

all three of these cost me a total of $13.  i mostly just used things around the house.  i love finding old stuff that's not being used anymore and making it cute again.

ok - random train moving on....

this was last saturday.  we were able to get out and ride her bike!  it was so nice to let her run around outside.  it's either been too cold (because it's february!) or too rainy.  i'm not complaining at all about this snowless winter.  it's going to be almost 60 today, and we will be doing this again!  =)

later that night, i had a free night to myself.  why?  because these two went on a little date!

i couldn't love this picture more.  she was so excited!  she calls "dates", "gates".  when she spends the night at her gran jan's, she knows that mommy and daddy are going on a gate.  well, this time, it was her turn to be taken on a gate by daddyboy.  she was beside herself.  running around, getting ready.  i loved seeing her so excited.  and i am beyond thankful for that boy.  to be excited to take his daughter to a dance in a church gym?  thats a keeper right there!  ;)


on monday i made these

low-fat lemon poppy seed muffins.  i found the recipe here.  they are really good.  just the right amount of sweet and a nice change from cold cereal in the morning.


ok - here's my last random rambling...

see these?

part of my valentine's present.  yummy.

but, today is ash wednesday.  the beginning of lent.  and i've decided to give up sweets for lent.  not sugar.  sweets. stuff like ice cream, chocolate, cake, cookies.  all things i love.  but, all things that i've started to realize, have a hold over me.  i can make up a hundred excuses and always justify a little sweet treat.  but just because i can justify it, doesn't mean it's good for me.  and worse than the physical health reasons, i realized i don't have much will-power against these things.  i don't like that.

so, i'm making it public.  i'm sharing it with the world!  uh-oh....  NO MORE SWEETS UNTIL EASTER.

uh.  i think my uterus just yelled at me....

have a good wednesday friends!!

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  1. The new frame and mat look great and that is such a sweet picture of C and her dad. Good luck with the sweets thing!