Friday, February 3, 2012


it's friday, and i'm still having a lot of fun with instagram!  especially while i was at craft weekend.  so many beautiful things to photograph!

so, i'm linking up with jeannette @ life rearranged.

sparkle headband and ga-ga glasses.  pretty normal around here.  she is ALL girl.

on my way to craft weekend!!!!!!!  i couldn't believe it.  so excited and so ready.   everyone that came to craft weekend flew in as well.  pretty amazing that 11 strangers flew to the middle of nowhere to stay at a stranger's house to craft, and then 2 days later, leave as friends.  the blog world is pretty amazing!

one of the first things we saw when we walked in.  tons of wonderful fabric!!  so many choices and so beautifully displayed. 

 bearly makin' it antique store and barn.  so fun to walk around and dig through all the goodies.

meg has a mirror like minelet's be honest, i got the idea from her.  and i snapped this picture because i always loved the head-shot picture on her blog.  it's kind of hard to tell, but that's the same mirror.  =)  this isn't creepy is it...?

the aprons we made at craft weekend.  so many cute fabric combination's.  i loved mine, but i would have taken all of these home!

meg and i!  thanks amy for taking this amazing picture!  ;)

home on monday with my girl after a wonderfully exhausting weekend.  i had such an amazing weekend, but i sure did miss this little lady.  pj's all day!

snuggling under my new quilt with the other person i really missed.  i'm under this quilt again right now.  i just love it so much.  so cozy and colorful.  such a great find while at CW.

ok - so i've decided to do a photo a day challenge.  i saw january's on cuppakim's blog and thought it sounded fun!  i missed the first 2 days, but plan on sharing the other 27 pictures at the end of the month.  can't wait.  tomorrow is a stranger.  should be interesting...

have a good weekend friends!

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  1. Ahhh! You went to craft weekend. So fun. I really hope to go one day. Visiting from Life Rearranged. :) Your quilt is GORGEOUS!