Tuesday, January 31, 2012

craft weekend!!!

friends.  dear friends.  let me just start out by saying that craft weekend was amazing.  you knew i would say that, so i'm just getting the obvious out of the way.  it was everything that you would think it would be and way more.

meg and ashley (she goes by ashley, not ashley ann) and kimberlee and everyone else involved were so fun!  so cool and so beautiful and so normal.  seriously, just normal gals, raising families and being creative.

i took a lot of pictures, but they were all taken on my phone, so not the most amazing quality.  but i think you'll get the picture.  ha, picture...  sorry - still tired....  plus, you can always head over to meg's blog and see pictures that actually make the weekend look as wonderful as it was.

as soon as we got there on friday night, we started crafting.  it was something like a dream.  little stations set up with our 'swag'.  paint, fabric, ribbon, buttons, stamps, canvas, trim, skittles.  yes - she even had a snack bar set up for us.  perfect sugar pick-me-ups for when i was up past 2am!

i actually met up with a lovely lady on my layover in atlanta, and when we arrived at meg's house, it was glowing.  i'm not kidding.  meg's house is amazing.  gorgeous.  her pictures don't do it justice.  it's big and comfy and homey and colorful.  it's everything you would think it is, and more.

 and yes, i found her craft room!

it was small, but perfect.  just stuffed full of craft goodness.

on saturday morning, we go to sleep in a little.  i love so much that meg and kimberlee knew that we were a group of hard working ladies and mom's who loved to stay up and sleep in!  i didn't get any pictures of the food, but i should have.  kimberlee was an awesome chef.  amazing breakfasts and dinners and desserts.  someone bringing you cheesecake while your sewing at 11pm is amazing.  bad for my waistline, but amazing!

we headed out antiquing after breakfast.  we went to meg's two favorite places where she scores so much vintage goodness for herself.  and let me tell you, this place did not disappoint.  i went in looking for a quilt for C's bed, and bearly makin it antiques delivered!  they had so much fun stuff, it was overwhelming and amazing.  i walked away with my an awesome quilt (that even meg was jealous of) and a little blue vase for the kitchen.  i could have gone home with so much more, but i was flying, so i had to shop in moderation.

after the shop, we headed to the barn!  owned by the same people as the shop, this place was dusty and cold and awesome.  so many things i wish i could have walked out with.

after the barn, in true meg form, we stopped at sonic happy hour!  =)

saturday evening was more crafting and a lot of laughter.  i can't emphasize enough how wonderful all the ladies were from this weekend.  it's still amazes me how well we all got a long.  ladies from all over the country (every lady flew in) who i won't soon forget.  connections were made quickly, and tears were shed when goodbyes finally came.  it was like summer camp for grown-ups.  staying up past 2 (that 3am our time!), laughing so hard my cheeks hurt, sharing stories of heartache and fun, and extending prayers for future endeavors.  it was awesome.  i spent less that 72 hours with some of these ladies, and i have truly missed them these last couple of days that i've been home.

and that's waffle up there.  we are buds now too!

it was a perfect weekend. i know that sounds extreme, but it lived up to my expectations 150%!  if you're thinking that putting your name on the craft weekend waiting list is pointless, think again.  you never know.  and if you get the opportunity to do this, take it!  meg and ashley and kimberlee really are just as beautiful and normal as they seem on their blogs.

check out my new friends!  =)

kimberlee, amy, shannan, jessica

and if you didn't catch them earlier - meg, ashley and kimberlee


  1. jade! it was so awesome to meet you! :) the weekend was such a blast! :)

    Your pics turned out great - iphones are pretty awesome aren't they?

    And don't you wish you could get back to that antique store ASAP!?!?

  2. Jade that was the most beautiful 'testimonial' of the awesomeness of craft weekend yet! It's so wonderful that women from across the country can come together as strangers & leave as friends with their hearts full of love for one another ... sounds like Meg, Kimberlee, Ashley & everyone involved in the planning & execution of it all have an anointing ... thanks for sharing. I loved every word! :)

  3. Good grief girl! You about made me cry!
    And your pictures are so good. Really.
    I think you captured the essence of CW beautifully.
    And guess what?
    We miss you, too.

  4. i agree with kimberlee.
    you wrapped it all up as the perfect way we want every woman to feel about craft weekend.
    thank you jade!
    it's always too short.
    we all get to know each other and then we have to say goodbye!
    i was SO jealous of your quilt.
    i have thought about it many times....not kidding. it was a TRUE score.
    i am so glad you were here.
    i loved meeting you. so happy you could make it.

    1. Loved hearing your recap! My friends Jess & Kim were there also....sounded like a BLAST! I for sure want to make it to craft weekend one of these years..love Meg & Kimberlee (met them at Blog Sugar this year) Your quilt that you got is AWESOME!

  5. Jade,

    Great post -- you really captured it. What a fun weekend!

    Karen K.