Sunday, January 8, 2012


well, i know i usually do posts like this on friday, but since it's my blog and i didn't get to it friday, i'm doing it tonight.  why not?

 since we like to have fun, but don't necessarily love crowds, my friends and i decided we would celebrate new year's eve on friday night, instead of saturday.   we found babysitters and headed to near by cincinnati for a night with the husbands.  great memories and a ton of laughing.  seriously.  like, stomach and face hurts laughing.

the hubs what looking pretty hot that night...=)

bundled up and ready to go back to school.  she was home with shaun or i for over 2 weeks.  she was really excited to go back to school and see her friends.  it was pretty cute.  i'm thankful she has a place to go to each day that she enjoys.

one of her favorite things to do right now.  wear a tutu and dance with her daddyboy.  

she is totally crazy about kona right now.  she is constantly hugging on him and making him sit so that she can kiss him. love that he is such a good boy with her.

crazy about this little picture.  love these two more than anything else in the world.

she is getting good with orange leaf.  once she can't scoop with the spoon, it's time to tip it up!

love that she loves her christmas present so much.  she's behind this little house all the time.  =)

so, it's 2012.  

happy new year blog friends! 

did you make any new years resolutions?

i've made 1.  well, 1 that i have control over.  there is so much that i want 2012 to bring.  2011 was good, but our little family went through a few tough times. i know that hard things will happen no matter what the year is, so my resolution is to be more intentional.  more intentional with my time and more intentional with my life.

i've seen a lot of new years resolutions this year that beg for a fresh start.  but just because there is a 12 at the end of the 20, doesn't mean magic.  i know that for something to be different in my life, it has to start with me.  so, that's my resolution.  difficult things will happen.  but if i'm more intentional with my spiritual life, my family, my friends and my time, i'll know who i am and what i stand for during those hard times.

i was asked by C to dance yesterday.  as i watched her little body twirl and her face light up i danced right with her.  i needed to do laundry and fix her lunch, but i still danced. 

be intentional friends.  so far, it's pretty fun!

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  1. So cool to have found your blog (through Meg's). I'm a fellow KY girl. :)