Sunday, January 22, 2012

a little weekend project

well, we didn't get to put C in her big girl bed this weekend like we origianally planned.  the people painting her bed took a little longer than we thought.

so, since i was in the frame of mind of getting her room ready on saturday afternoon, and then wasn't able to, i decided to tackle another project i've been thinking about.

her bathroom.

when we first moved in, we snapped this picture

terrible.  just terrible. 

pinkish tile on the walls.  brown tile on the floor.  and that seat cushion....  terrible.

but remember, we bought this house knowing it would need some work.  there is a lot of potential.  good bones.  and a great neighborhood.  i mean, remember the kitchen??

so, we know we will change this bathroom someday, but for now it's clean and functioning, and it's C bathroom.  so, after we moved in i found a shower curtain that was pretty neutral, put a couple random pictures on the wall, and left it at that.

but lately i've been thinking about the pinkish tile and the fact that this is C's bathroom.  why not just embrace the pink?  it is a little girls bathroom after all.  and i think i'm fine with making it a little girly.  trying to make it look brown just isn't working.

but finding the right shower curtain to work with the tiles was going to be tricky.  everything was either too pink or too girly or too childish.

until i saw this

HELLO amazing amy butler shower curtain!  and HELLO being on sale from $40 to $10!  that's right.  great colors, obviously girly but not too girly, and only $10!

so, this inspired me to give this bathroom a little face lift.  emphasis on the word little.  this project was kind of out of nowhere for the hubs.  and we just spent money on some new furniture for C's room, so i was going to do my best with what i had.

i decided to paint the walls the same color as C's room.  i had plenty of paint left over, and the yellow looked good with the tile and the curtain.

so, this

went to this

not too bad huh?  i know it's hard to tell the walls are yellow in the picture, but i was night.  bad lighting...

i think now the tile kind of looks like it was on purpose.  kind of... =)

the other side

so, heres what i did spent money on.

the shower curtain - $10
the ballerina towel (doesn't really match, but C loves ballerina's right now) - only $3
orange wash clothes in basket on top of toilet - $5

that's it! 

the art & frames i already had.  the ABC art above is just something i created in Word.

the art above the toliet - well, i love it...

a few months ago i found some katie daisey stationary.  so cute.  i knew i would use them as cards, but i also knew i wanted to frame some.  the color in both of these prints matches perfect. 

the basket holding the orange washclothes was used in the bathroom before.  it's not pictured, but it used to be green.  i just sprayed it pink with some paint i already had.  and the little bucket holding her toothbrush, i got that for her pink, orange and yellow party back in september.

so that's it.  one afternoon and $18 later, we get this

i'm kind of crazy about it.  it just feels brighter and cutier and is finally more my style.

i worked on a couple of things for C's new room too, but i'll share those once we finally get her settled in.

hope you had a good weekend!  ready for monday...?


  1. Love! You amaze me! You need to skip your craft weekend and come work on my kid's rooms! I've got a lot to do!!!

  2. Love it! That shower curtain really makes the room! (over from under the sycamore)